Bangkok Airport BKK, Bangkok, Thailand

Pattaya to Bangkok Airport 034

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Dozens of amazing art statues grace the halls of Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport which serves all of SE Asia and beyond. Here you’ll find colorful and shiny Thai figures in various poses watching over the swirl of activity in this award-winning airport.

Upon entry BKK reminded me of Beijing’s airport design – massive large rooms with a sweeping grand architecture. In the halls past security BKK Suvarnabhumi is filled with stylish shopping as well as many dining choices from Burger King to upscale Thai venues. Our meal at a Thai restaurant was fairly good and reasonably priced for an airport, with a Pad Thai that was almost as good as some of the especially delicious ones I’d had in Bangkok and Pattaya.

As you roam your connecting airports be sure to check out the exhibits and art you’ll often find there. Let the airport be part of your destination experience.

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