India to add 500 Airports in next 10-12 years

India plans to add five hundred Airports across the country over the next ten to twelve years according to a recent report. Economic Times reports.

This amazing number of new builds suggests the optimism India has, justifiably, for the burgeoning economy of the country that will eventually become the world’s most populous nation. (China’s population controls of the past few decades have worked and will keep that population in check, where India is expected to keep growing).

Bangalore, India Airport. A long walk to town?

Bangalore Airport Arrivals may face a bit of a challenge getting to the center of town, some 30 miles away. Rediff reports. Apparently there is no good ground transportation to and from the airport, and traffic could make that trip 3-4 hours. For elite passengers there are choppers and air shuttles but regular folks may just have to … wait… for a better solution.

Both India and China have embarked on ambitious programs to upgrade Airports as part of their economic development and business inititatives. Hopefully (ironically) we’ll see some of the comfortable and luxurious features of these airports start a trend against the more sterile approaches often taken here in the states and Europe. It’ll be interesting to see how different cultures resolve conflicts between comfort, efficiency, and cost.
Here’s more about the Chennai, India Airport upgrade.