YAPTA cheap fare search using "wisdom of crowds"

Yapta is trying to be “Your Amazing Personal Travel Assistant”, using the collective wisdom of thousands of other Yapta subscribers to find cheap fares. I have not used the service yet but it’s a neat idea in that it could harvest information from a large number of travelers and then work to “optimize” their experiences based on all the extra info. Unfortunately many such efforts can get bogged down when it comes to monetizing the enterprise. For example if Yapta knows that your best travel day would be Tuesday with a Saturday layover but the Yapta advertisers want them to book more Friday departures there can be a subtle shift in focus. This is even happening at Google where the shading on advertising is slowly diminishing, blurring the distinction between “organic” and ad results.

But good luck Yapta! If you provide unbiased air travel info from a broad sample of air travelers you could be on your way to success.

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