World Airport Awards

Here is Skytrax website for the World Airport Awards 2007.

Hong Kong International won this year. Singapore’s Changi won last year. Conspicuously none of the top ten airports are in the USA though perhaps this should come as no surprise. Developing countries are eating the USA’s lunch in terms of many business approaches, infrastructure developments, and and business dominance in general. It’s fairly clear that China will emerge as the world’s top economy – perhaps in as few as 3-5 years.

I don’t see this as a bad thing – rather an inevitable consequence of a complex combination of US deficiencies that have grown to critical mass over the last decade. High on that list would be health care costs, unrealistic worker expectations, and high wages, taxes, and expensive regulations for most businesses. The USA remains a hotbed of innovation but even that trend is giving way as China and India’s best and brightest continue to challenge the educational, cultural, and geographical pressures that have kept them out of the global spotlight until recently.

The world is changing fast, and these changes are visible at an award winning airport …. far from you!

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