San Francisco Airport. SFO in California USA

San Francisco – Airport
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San Francisco Airport (SFO) at night.
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San Francisco International Airport:

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San Francisco Airport is a national and international gateway to most of the world, even as SFO maintains the comfortable, well managed feel of much smaller Airports.

San Francisco is one of the world’s most charming cities, nestled next to the Pacific Ocean on the north/central coast of California.    Unlike the heat of the central California valley, Los Angeles, and most points south, the climate of San Francisco is mild to cool, with ocean breezes and fog keeping air temperatures cool most every day of the year.

San Francisco is home to many of the USA’s  great attractions.     The Golden Gate Bridge and Oakland Bay Bridges are engineering masterpieces.   Alcatraz Island is the former maximum security prison, now a national historic park which you can reach via boat tour from Pier 33 near another major San Francisco Attraction, “Fisherman’s Wharf”.     However no visit to San Franciso is complete without a trip the Chinatown San Francisco, one of the world’s greatest concentrations of chinese culture outside of China.    Here, Southern China immigration to California in the 1800’s – often to work on the growing US railroad empires –  brought tens of thousands of Chinese who settled permanently in California.     You will hear a lot of Cantonese spoken in Chinatown but not much Mandarin – the language of Beijing, Taiwan, and most of mainland China.     Cantonese is still spoken in southern China, especially near Hong Kong.

After your legs get tired from walking the hills of San Francisco you can consider buying a ticket on the cable cars that run along three routes, two of which take you to and from Fisherman’s Wharf.   Click here for route details.

Lombard Street is the “Crookedest Street” in the world as it zig zags back and forth. is the official tourism site for San Francisco.

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