Los Angeles Airport – LAX

Los Angeles International Airport, almost always known as “L A X”, is the sixth busiest in the world with more than 565 daily domestic flights and over 1000 weekly international flights to countries all over the world.

The official LAX website is HERE

1 World Way, LA, CA 90045
Web http://www.lawa.aero
Bio Sixth busiest airport in the world, offering more than 565 daily flights to 81 U.S. destinations and over 1,000 weekly flights to 65 international destinations

For up to the minute news from LAX, follow them on their official Twitter account here

From the LAX Official Site follow these links to more information about airlines at LAX, flights, parking, terminals, maps, and more:

LAX Terminal Maps
LAX Flight Schedule
LAX Flight Search
LAX Airlines
LAX Parking
LAX Ground Transportation
LAX Rental Cars
LAX Maps

Note that LAX is part of the Los Angeles World Airports system called “LAWA”, which, in addition to LAX, includes Ontario and Van Nuys Airports.

Los Angeles is one of the world’s most famous cities, home to celebrities and by far the epicenter of the massive American media entertainment machine.    However you may be disappointed if you expect to walk into glamour in the area surrounding  “Hollywood and Vine” which is in Hollywood.   Although that intersection is pretty with some nice shops, the Kodak theater, and cool attractions like the Walk of Fame and Grauman’s Chinese Theater of the Mann Theater empire, the sidewalk and shops and surrounding buildings can be dingy and dusty – more like what you’d expect in a regular big city than in what some would say is the global capital of glamour and style.

Still, Hollywood is a “must see” for a Southern California Trip so enjoy yourself – just don’t expect to get into “American Idol”.     However you may find tickets for TV shows or even movies – note that these are generally free so as on any trip use caution with anybody “selling” you any travel services in that area.

Obviously another must see in the are is Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure (adjacent to each other but not always included on same admission pass depending on which you choose).  Disneyland has managed to retain much of the charm it’s held for children and adults for nearly half a century.    Disney’s California Adventure is more of a ride focused park with some spectacular rides.    Don’t miss “Soarin’ Over California”, a simulated hang glide over the state and a neat and dramatic mini- introduction to the geography of one of the most amazing regions in the world.

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