Free WiFi a winner at Regional Airports

Jaunt is noting how free WiFi is taking off at many regional airports. This even as large airports still try to eek out a few bucks charging relatively large fees to connect to their WiFi networks (usually 9.95 for the day). I don’t have data to back this up, but I’m confident that the big players would do well to offer free ad supported WiFi. I simply don’t pay for the WiFi when travelling, struggling instead to read my email over the Treo rather than pony up ten bucks just to surf and pick up some email for a few hours between flights.

I’m guessing enough other folks do that same that the airports would be far better off looking to the potentially high revenues they could obtain using open networks with some sort of interstitial advertising injected every 5 minutes or so, or even the less intrusive “menu” system where people would browse in some sort of window surrounded with relevant ads. If I ran a nice lounge at a major airport in Concourse A you can bet your iPhone I’d want to run ads for this in Concourse B, and the people I’d want to target would be those who are reading up email or surfing away, killing time before flights.

So hey big Airports, get with the program!

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