Flights Cancelled as American and Delta do safety checks

Delta has cancelled several flights to inspect them in line with the FAA rules that may not have been followed as closely as required:
Delta Grounds 133 Aircraft for Inspections Brian Finnegan at JetBlog! reports:
The airline is not sure how long the inspections will take but Delta cancelled about 56 flights out of Hartsfield Airport Wednesday evening. No flights to Tampa were affected but flights to Tallahassee, Sarasota, and Pensacola were …JetBlog! Interactive –

American cancelled some 200 flights over the past few days for similar reasons. This from the Huffington Post:

American Cancels About 200 Flights
26 Mar 2008 by The Huffington Post News Editors FORT WORTH, Texas — American Airlines canceled about 200 flights on Wednesday so its crews can inspect some wire bundles aboard its MD-80 aircraft.

There appears to be no reason for alarm on the part of travelers. These are fairly routine type inspections to make up for what may have been compromised inspection processes in the past. Air Travel is, in my opinion, actually far *too* safe. Risks more in line with what we experience with car travel would bring down the cost of flying dramatically, especially in the areas of security where the TSA’s massive, bloated budget and inefficient procedures threaten to cripple the American and perhaps even global Airline and Airport industry.

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