Duty Free from China BCIA. Duty Free Shops at Beijing Airport

The actual value of Duty Free remains something of a mystery to me and we’ll try to do a study here at QuickAid Airport Directory that helps you determine whether you should fuss with buying, carrying, and custom-izing duty free items during your international trips.

On international flights you’ll find most Airlines are working the duty free angle – allowing folks to shop via the inflight magazine and order duty free items for pickup at landing.

However you’ll find your largest – in the case of Beijing *massive* duty free shopping opportunities outbound from your foreign airport to bring home.

Although I’m not a regular buyer of spirits or high end merchandise, I found both in China and last month in Europe that the alcohol prices seemed unimpressive – offering little or no savings over local purchases and probably greater cost than online deals you can find for your favorite high end whiskey, etc. However I need to research a bit more on this topic – we’ll try to do a comparison of several duty free items soon.

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