Disclosure Statement and Disclaimers

We do not proclaim journalistic impartiality here at the QuickAid Airport and Airlines Directory.   However we think it’s important to bring some transparency to the blogging process so this is where we’ll try to disclose in more detail any potential conflicts of interest with our coverage and posts.

If you have concerns that a sponsor or advertiser is hurting our objectivity or focusing our attention too narrowly feel free to express that in the comments here or at the posts or feel free to email us directly.

Here are some items you should be aware of as part of our disclosure process:

Google Adsense Advertising:
Generally we have little or no control over the Google advertising although it’s targeted directly to content at the blog, so don’t be surprised if at this blog or others you follow the advertising seems to line up well with the content.

Eurail Sponsorship 2010

Thanks to the great folks at Eurail, Joe’s entire family of four will be travelling in June of 2010 all over Europe by train via Global Eurail Passes and we will feature extensive coverage of the trip at this blog and several other blogs.

Free food and drinks, parties:

It is not easy to know exactly how this process injects bias into reporting, but it probably does.   For example at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas “CES” there are extravagant parties put on by various CES Exhibitors.   This focuses your attention mostly on companies that present at these parties although I’ve never felt pressure from either CES or any party sponsors to promote their companies or events.  Obviously, however, this is what they are hoping for and obviously it’s harder to be impartial about things when you are plied with the amazing party food of Las Vegas.

We’ll always try to disclose stock holdings at the bottom of the post if we are covering a company in which we directly have shares.

Overall Transparency:
For the QuickAid Airports and Airlines directory and blog, transparency  trumps the illusion of journalistic objectivity.  If you have any questions please ask.  We provide quality coverage and insight, but we are not to be confused with a news source that separates their editorial completely from their relationship with advertisers (if that is even possible) or other parties that provide them with freebies.     Thanks to sponsors we get to bring you move coverage, pay for our trips,  and have a better time.    Our happy mood means you get more quality information, and our little corner of the world runs more smoothly.  NOTE:  We may feature sponsors more often than we otherwise would feature that coverage, and our attention may be focused on different things as the result of these sponsorships.    If you think this is a horrible thing we’ll probably be willing to run a guest editorial from you criticizing us for that as part of our transparency obligation.

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