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WiFi at Ho Chi Minh / Saigon Airport SGN

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Kudos to SGN for providing at least some internet access to travelers.

SGN is a fairly small, easy to manage airport considering the size of Ho Chi Minh City, but offers most of the amenities of larger airport Venues.

Note:  As of this writing (Feb 12, 2011) domestic flights would not allow liquid containers over 100ml – the same as the normal standards – so pack as normal.

I’m in the domestic terminal at Ho Chi Minh / Saigon Airport in Vietnam (SGN) and getting a fairly good WiFi signal from near the business lounge with ID “Domestic Lounge” and no password required.    I’ve read that access here in domestic flights is spotty where it’s better in international terminal, especially near “Izzy” ? Coffee – can’t check on that terminal yet – but in a few weeks I’ll be in and out of there several times.

For Airport and Vietnam Flight details see the  Ho Chi Minh City Airport official website

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WiFi in Flight Regulations may be hampering more rapid deployments

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

An article in Travel Weekly reports that In Flight WiFi remains a very desirable amenity for travelers but is causing some headaches for carriers as they navigate the maze of regulations involved in WiFi enabling of commercial aircraft:

Passengers’ growing appetite for electronic gadgets and WiFi access is creating problems for airlines eager to sate that appetite. The challenge lies in enforcing myriad company policies and federal laws covering wireless communications.

The good news is that in-flight broadband is such a powerful amenity we are virtually certain to see it very fully deployed eventually.

As airlines test and equip their planes for in-flight WiFi, they have to figure out how to catch people using prohibited devices (or approved devices at the wrong time) with no practical means of detecting radio-based technologies that can operate out of sight in briefcases, carry-on bags or even pockets.

DEN Denver Airport – Free WIFI Throughout the Airport

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Kudos to DEN Denver International Airport for their free excellent WIFI which only requires you to view a 30 second video spot before access. Shame on BWI Baltimore for having advertised (and tried?) free WIFI but now offering only paid hotspots at 9.99 per day.

Let’s see – would I rather watch a 30 second spot or pay 9.99? Getting “paid” $10 per 30 secs is like getting paid $1200 per hour, so rather than be annoyed with the Zappos ad at DIA I’m happy to have watched it and thanks for paying me (relative to BWI’s system) $1200 per hour while I did.

Jetblue offering in-flight email

Sunday, December 9th, 2007

Over at Webguild blog, Reshma is reporting that Jet Blue will offer in flight email services via WIFI. This is great news, coming on the heels of AA’s in flight WIFI experiments.

I think airlines will find that in flight WIFI is a great, great service to offer on any flights, especially those that last more than an hour. An hour is often enough time to catch up on emails and not waste a day of travel time after which you are buried again. Good luck to Jet Blue and AA with these WIFI in-flight experiments!

AA to provide on board WIFI

Friday, December 7th, 2007

A gigantic hat tip to American Airlines for the decision to provide WIFI to passengers in flight. Crunch Gear reports today that this plan is in the works and it appears WIFI on AA flights will be available soon.

Laptop and Sprint phone use in China

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

For the China trip to Biejing Airport code is PEK! Shanghai, Xiamen, and probably Hong Kong, I’m starting to plan how to get WIFI and/or use of my cell phone. Flyertalk has a forum page listing some of the challenges. People there suggest that a US Sprint modem card won’t work because it’s a different MHZ rating, though there may be China cards available. Also says Sprint has no agreement with China for mobile serve (this seems odd – I’m skeptical of that).

One suggests the hotel is likely to have power adapters but I’m guessing this is only in upscale places. During my 2003 trip to France and UK I would up jerry-rigging a plug adapter I bought in Paris for my laptop, chipping away until I got a way to plug it in. This worked partly because most laptop power supply adapters work at 240 and 120v.

Looks like a lot more research will be needed here. I’m shopping for a lightweight laptop so I can blog this trip.

Free WiFi a winner at Regional Airports

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Jaunt is noting how free WiFi is taking off at many regional airports. This even as large airports still try to eek out a few bucks charging relatively large fees to connect to their WiFi networks (usually 9.95 for the day). I don’t have data to back this up, but I’m confident that the big players would do well to offer free ad supported WiFi. I simply don’t pay for the WiFi when travelling, struggling instead to read my email over the Treo rather than pony up ten bucks just to surf and pick up some email for a few hours between flights.

I’m guessing enough other folks do that same that the airports would be far better off looking to the potentially high revenues they could obtain using open networks with some sort of interstitial advertising injected every 5 minutes or so, or even the less intrusive “menu” system where people would browse in some sort of window surrounded with relevant ads. If I ran a nice lounge at a major airport in Concourse A you can bet your iPhone I’d want to run ads for this in Concourse B, and the people I’d want to target would be those who are reading up email or surfing away, killing time before flights.

So hey big Airports, get with the program!