WiFi at Ho Chi Minh / Saigon Airport SGN

Kudos to SGN for providing at least some internet access to travelers. SGN is a fairly small, easy to manage airport considering the size of Ho Chi Minh City, but offers most of the amenities of larger airport Venues. Note: …

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WiFi in Flight Regulations may be hampering more rapid deployments

An article in┬áTravel Weekly reports that In Flight WiFi remains a very desirable amenity for travelers but is causing some headaches for carriers as they navigate the maze of regulations involved in WiFi enabling of commercial aircraft: Passengers’ growing appetite …

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DEN Denver Airport – Free WIFI Throughout the Airport

Kudos to DEN Denver International Airport for their free excellent WIFI which only requires you to view a 30 second video spot before access. Shame on BWI Baltimore for having advertised (and tried?) free WIFI but now offering only paid …

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Jetblue offering in-flight email

Over at Webguild blog, Reshma is reporting that Jet Blue will offer in flight email services via WIFI. This is great news, coming on the heels of AA’s in flight WIFI experiments. I think airlines will find that in flight …

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AA to provide on board WIFI

A gigantic hat tip to American Airlines AA.com for the decision to provide WIFI to passengers in flight. Crunch Gear reports today that this plan is in the works and it appears WIFI on AA flights will be available soon.

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Laptop and Sprint phone use in China

For the China trip to Biejing Airport code is PEK! Shanghai, Xiamen, and probably Hong Kong, I’m starting to plan how to get WIFI and/or use of my cell phone. Flyertalk has a forum page listing some of the challenges. …

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Free WiFi a winner at Regional Airports

Jaunt is noting how free WiFi is taking off at many regional airports. This even as large airports still try to eek out a few bucks charging relatively large fees to connect to their WiFi networks (usually 9.95 for the …

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