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Travel Quiz at CNN

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

CNN has a good business traveler quiz to test your city by city knowlege of the world. How may pubs in London? Is Seoul Korea bigger than Mexico City? What percentage of England’s pubs are in London?

Airline Complaints up for UK Airlines

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

The Times of London is reporting that complaints are up for UK Airlines. These complaints often reflect customer demands for payment for expenses like food and lodging that happen when flights are delayed. It appears that above normal fog levels at Heathrow Airport may have caused some of this increase.

I’m not very sympathetic to those who feel that the Airlines are not coming through appropriately given the current sets of global circumstances. Many Airlines are now operating in near-bankrupcy status. My experiences with bumps and delays usually result in “above reasonable” compensation by the airlines such as full tickets for single flight bumps and free meals and lodging when flights are missed. We missed a flight on a trip to Hawaii in 2005 – partly due to our own fault – and we were immediately re-routed at no charge so we got in same day. United acted above and beyond and I appreciated this effort. My dad was flying on 9/11/2001 and had the cost of his ticket refunded even though he chose to drive home rather than take the delayed flight (this was also United).

Why do we hold the Airlines to a higher standard than other service providers?

UK and Ireland Travel Tips

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

Cheapflights UK has a nice series of travel tips for the UK and Ireland. Their list of travel tips is here.

One idea is to consider regional airports. Here’s their list for UK and Ireland Regionals with information at the links:

US Regional Airports can also be a good way to get closer to your destination. You’ll want to factor in several things when considering flying from/ to a regional airport rather than major ones:

* Generally, flying in and out of regionals is more expensive. There are exceptions however, and especially with pricing specials you won’t add much to the trip.

* Regional travel may subtract a car leg or add a flight leg. My personal preference is driving for a few hours rather than flying for one hour plus check in times, etc. I’ve seen people plan trips where they wind up flying very short distances and probably would have been happier and more comfortable driving a bit extra. On the other hand if flying to the regional airport costs the same and avoids a rental car or extra time you may save time and money. Some folks hate big city driving and Regional Airports can be a great way to avoid that when your destination is not a big city.