Airport City Codes Update

For Airport Code information and our amazing flight distance calculator check out     That site will be updated to WordPress format soon.

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Hello from 30,000 Feet

I’m flying high on Alaska Airlines from Austin to Seattle, enjoying @GoGo wifi service, dinner (!) and complimentary movies.    Although I’m on a frequent flyer ticket Alaska was kind enough to bump me to first class, and gogo was …

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Rick Steves on Rethinking the Massive Cost of Airport Security

the moral of the TSA story is that our safety is coming at a cost that may not be sustainable

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QuickAid Airport Blog MAINTENANCE ALERT!

Due to problems from the “Pharma hack” on the QuickAid site we are working to restore the blog portion of our site ASAP.  Thanks for your patience unless you had something to do with the hack. In that case ….

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Bureau of Transportation Statistics – a great online resource

                    I am often amazed at the resources that pop up online without much fanfare.  One for Transportation is the Research and Innovation Technology Administration, thankfully shortened to  “RITA” , which …

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Nice Printable Travel Guides from PBS Travel: Burt Wolf’s “Travel and Traditions”

Although some appear a bit dated, PBS’ travel host Burt Wolf has some great printable guides for the many cities he has featured on his PBS’ Travel show “Travels and Traditions with Burt Wolf” As an example see this Boston …

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Prohibited Items in Carry on Luggage

Even a frequent traveler can get confused and confounded by the rules regarding what you can put in carry-on luggage, in checked baggage, and what you cannot bring onto the airplane.    It’s all getting a bit mathematical, so don’t …

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Medical Tourism and Medical Travel

Our new project is a blog and database featuring  Medical Travel and Medical Tourism.    This is very relevant to our work here at the QuickAid Airport Directory because an enjoyable medical travel experience is going to need a nice …

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Reno-Tahoe International Airport – RNO

Airport Website: The  Reno-Tahoe International Airport is a regional airport that (RNO) serves more than 4.43 million passengers a year who are traveling to and from the Reno Nevada, Sparks Nevada (right next door to Reno), and Lake Tahoe …

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Ash Cloud Updates from the Telegraph UK

The Telegraph (UK) has an excellent regularly updated feature here with the latest delays from the Iceland Volcanic ash cloud that has disrupted travel to and from Europe – especially the UK – on and off for over a month. …

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