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Jet Blue in-flight email report

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

Caroline says she was not that impressed with Jet Blue’s new in flight e-mail service, but it sure sounds good to me based on her CNET report where she noted that using Yahoo mobile even allowed some web info like weather. This sounds very promising, and in flight browsing, which would be the “killer” in flight application, can’t be far away.

Jetblue offering in-flight email

Sunday, December 9th, 2007

Over at Webguild blog, Reshma is reporting that Jet Blue will offer in flight email services via WIFI. This is great news, coming on the heels of AA’s in flight WIFI experiments.

I think airlines will find that in flight WIFI is a great, great service to offer on any flights, especially those that last more than an hour. An hour is often enough time to catch up on emails and not waste a day of travel time after which you are buried again. Good luck to Jet Blue and AA with these WIFI in-flight experiments!