Frequent Flyer Tip – Assign Value Your Frequent Flyer Miles To Help Decide How to Use Them

Travel is NOT the easiest way to get miles. Credit Card sign ups with flyer miles programs are increasingly generous, so it’s not uncommon to get 50,000 or even more miles for a simple credit card sign up, often using cards sponsored by United Airlines, Delta Airlines, US Airways, British Airways, and more.

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IMPORTANT: Defer the Expiration of your Frequent Flyer Miles

All the Airlines seem to be both giving away more and more frequent flyers miles but also making it harder to use the programs.    Through credit card offers, not to mention actually travelling on planes, you can rack up …

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British Airways Miles tips from “The Points Guy”

Brian Kelley is “The Points Guy“, a frequent flyer who helps others get the best from their credit card frequent flyer deals and other travel offers out there. In an excellent and detailed series of articles linked below, Kelley offers …

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Venture Card Frequent Flyer Miles – unrestricted but “expensive” to use

Unless you lost your television you’ve seen the ads for the new Capitol One Venture Card.    They feature Alex Baldwin talking about the benefits of using the Venture miles anytime and on any airline.   If you were among …

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Frequent Flyer Miles Madness

IMPORTANT:   This post is  simply a collection of notes from a recent flurry of activity using miles programs.   It may NOT represent the general experience for frequent flyer programs at United, American, or Delta.  If you’ve had different …

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Is Selling your Frequent Flyer miles to a “Mileage Broker” legal?

The mileage broker market was once a thriving industry, buying frequent flyer tickets from people and then reselling them at a profit. Understandably the airlines don’t like this practice of monetizing their frequent flyer / mileage plus type systems. These …

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Calculating Value of Credit Card offers. Value of Mileage

As these tumultuous economic times continue many of us are once again seeing a flurry of credit card offers with many different sets of bonuses and conditions. We thought it might be helpful to give a few simple rules of …

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Airline frequent flyer, airline miles programs, and airline special offer discussions

Here, from the excellent FlyerTalk Forums, is a list of links and discussions about mileage programs and special offers from many airlines: Miles&Points MilesBuzz! Hotel Deals Mileage Run Deals Mileage Run Discussion S.P.A.M. Airline Programs Air Canada Aeroplan Airlines of …

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Time and Distance Calculator

Here at is my time and distance calculator using Airport Codes. This is helpful to get a sense of travel times for airline mileage programs and frequent flyer programs. Other tools at allow you to airport information, airline …

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