Google buys ITA Flight Search Software.

Google’s aquisition of ITA software, a powerful flight price comparison engine, may eventually add a huge new twist to the flight search space although Google’s current position is that they won’t enter this market as a competitor, rather as a …

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Delta Airlines Fleet Map

From the Delta Airlines blog we have a great picture of the entire Delta Airlines Fleet, though you’ll need to click on the picture to get the whole thing: I’d noticed this great graphic flying home from the trip to …

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Ash Cloud Updates from the Telegraph UK

The Telegraph (UK) has an excellent regularly updated feature here with the latest delays from the Iceland Volcanic ash cloud that has disrupted travel to and from Europe – especially the UK – on and off for over a month. …

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Dulles Airport IAD Serving Washington D.C.

Dulles International Airport Airport Code: IAD serves the greater Washington D.C. Area.   Dulles is within a days drive of many major cities on the east coast making it a key hub for East Coast travel.    Note that Ronald Reagan …

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Volcanic Ash Updates from CNN

CNN and BBC have excellent coverage of the European ash cloud that has disrupted travel extensively around the world and especially in Europe where flights are only expected to fully resume later this week, and only if there are no …

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Iceland Volcano Delays Thousands of Flights

Volcanic ash, which represents a potential severe danger to aircraft engines, continues to pour from Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano.     Under some circumstances the ash can damage jet engines and they will stop completely,  creating the potential for catastrophic failures …

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FAA Flight Delay Map

The FAA Website provides a nice quick map check of general flight delays around the USA.   The FAA USA flight delay  map is here. For detailed information it is generally best to consult your airline rather than this map or …

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Landing Fees may be used in attempt to ease congestion

Airlines and Airports do not appear impressed with US Government plans to use landing fees to help ease congestion on major US air travel routes. Landing fees are paid by airlines to airports and the proposal is to raise the …

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High Flying WiFi – the downside?

This report suggests that on board flight internet might create a host of new problems, leading to “turbulence” of the human kind. I’m skeptical. On the contrary this will be so effective at keeping kids occupied, keeping nervous people focused …

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AA to provide on board WIFI

A gigantic hat tip to American Airlines for the decision to provide WIFI to passengers in flight. Crunch Gear reports today that this plan is in the works and it appears WIFI on AA flights will be available soon.

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