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President Bush on Airport Delays

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

President Bush is speaking about how the government will attempt to curb flight delays this holiday season and take some measures to help passengers. Mary Peters, Secretary of Transportation and FAA Administrator Bobby Sturgill are flanking the president who is noting an “epidemic of aviation delays”. He is offering these solutions:

1) Military to open some routes that had been unavailable to commercial traffic.
2) FAA is taking measures to head off delays. Moratorium on all non-essential projects.
3) Airlines taking measures to make more staff available, set aside extra seats and planes to help passengers affected by cancellations and delays.
4) Feds will use internet to update flight information.
5) New Regulations to assure passengers are treated fairly. Overbooking compensation will double. $400 will become $800 compensation for some major flight delays.

NY Metro area is the most problematic region for flights.

From Fox News:
27 million Americans are expected to travel this Thanksgiving holiday (I think this stat is air travel only).