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Alaska Air WIFI challenges continue

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Tech Flash is reporting that Alaska’s WIFI service is popular but pricing issues remain. They say Alaska’s fee is likely to be $15 per flight which I fear will prevent most users from taking advantage of the service. Although $15 does not seem to be excessive, budget conscious flyers will recognize that a few hours away from the internet won’t do them any harm. I’d argue the optimal “price point” for in flight online services is somewhere between $5 and $10 which are still very high by the standard of free WIFI now available in many airports but represent a premium cost that consumers are “comfortable with” in flight as this is in the neighborhood of the cost of a snack box s and even on some flights beverages.

If the Airlines don’t hurry up I think this market could literally dry up as ubiquitous broadband reaches most areas in the USA and customers choose to take a nap rather than worry about the few hours of non-connectivity between the WIFI at home, the Airport, and the destination hotel combined with their EVDO or broadband smartphone access.

Alaska Airlines Jenn – your virtual agent!

Friday, March 7th, 2008

Jenn works for Alaska Airlines 24/7, answering questions. Check it out by clicking at the top right of their home page. Jenn is a virtual agent and appears to have a bunch of clever banter in addition to what I assume is a great knowledge of Alaska Airlines.

You Asked: how old are you?
Jenn: I am rather young, or as we say in the virtual world – new. But I like to think I have the experience of someone much older. How can I help you?

Although these agents are hardly an example of “real” artificial intelligence, I think they are warming us up for the big game where the computers will have human-like abilities to understand and answer even the most complex questions.