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Volcanic Ash Updates from CNN

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

CNN and BBC have excellent coverage of the European ash cloud that has disrupted travel extensively around the world and especially in Europe where flights are only expected to fully resume later this week, and only if there are no additional problems from this remarkable airplane and airport story.

More from CNN

More from BBC

Airport Wayfinders – 3D Tours of Boston BOS, Portand PDX, Houston IAH, Toronto YYZ several Airports

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Airport Wayfinder has a really neat 3D Tour tool for four airports – I’m not clear if they’ll develop this technology for all the airports though it appears it may be designed to mesh with  planned or existing  touchscreen systems in the airports.

Airport Wayfinder – Portland

Airport Wayfinder – Boston

Airport Wayfinder – Houston  International

Airport Wayfinder – Toronto

FAA Flight Delay Map

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

The FAA Website provides a nice quick map check of general flight delays around the USA.   The FAA USA flight delay  map is here. For detailed information it is generally best to consult your airline rather than this map or even Airport information which seems to sometimes lag the Airline website reports by many minutes or even hours.     Also, this map is only about general delays that affect the airports – there will also be specific airline/flight related delays that do not show up here.

Contacting your airline for delay information is especially important if you are travelling on international flights to or from the USA when the delays can be longer and of more  inconvenience to you.

Airline Phone Numbers and Airline Websites

A neat trick to find quick flight information is to use Google’s search box shortcut.       Typing in  Airline NameFlight Number  at Google will give you  flight schedule / arrival / delay information.

For an example click here:    United Airline 22

You can even abbreviate the airline to it’s two letter code as in    “UA 22”    for United Airlines flight 22.

Airport Codes for US Airports, Canadian Airports, and International Airports

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

The rumors are true – The Airport Directory has added a very robust list of Airport Codes from around the world divided into Airports from the USA, Canada, and International Aiports.    Click below or in the page menu above for the lists of codes or for Airline Phone Numbers and Websites.

US Airport Codes | International Airport Codes | Canada Airport Codes | Airport Directory

Airline Phone Numbers and Airline Websites

If you are shopping for flight travel bargains consider starting your search with the big “consolidator” websites and  (Kayak often lists Orbitz flights so I usually just use Kayak).       Try to use the “matrix” or “flexible dates” features to expand your search to 3 days before and after your preferred departures.   Small adjustments in times and dates often yield large savings.

This search will give you a good starting price to try to beat with other sites, which should include Expedia, Travelocity, and the actual airline websites from the best deals you’ve found so far (though going to Airline sites is often redundant as they generally have the same info that is fed into Kayak.

A problem with Kayak is that it does not have all the airlines so if – for example – you are in a market served by Allegiant you may find much better deals than will be listed in any consolidator.      Allegiant only travels to a few big locations from dozens of small rural markets, but if you are lucky enough to live in those markets and are travelling to Las Vegas, Mesa AZ, or Los Angeles California you’ll be rewarded with massive savings on the order of 1/2 to 1/3 the  normal flight costs.

For International Travel budget conscious flyers will want to work even harder, looking for flights that may not be on a daily schedule and therefore may not appear in all your searches.   Also, word of mouth is often a great way to find out some good starting points for international flights.     You may even find that a good travel agent can get better deals than you can find online since they will have the experience and knowledge that will allow them to find “hidden gems” or good promotional deals you may not become aware of.

So, as with any endeavor try to stay patient, do a few hours of searching and talking, and save yourself a bundle on flights.    Keep in mind that spending a few hours to save a few hundred dollars represents a substantial return on your time investment and puts you in better shape for your future travel needs.

Airport Webcams

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Check out this list of thirteen Airport Webcams around the world.

We’ll try to track down more of these as this is a neat way to get a little orientation before travelling to a new airport or city. Airport Directory

Monday, September 1st, 2008

Welcome to

ATL: Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport | Atlanta Hotels
BWI:Baltimore Washington International Airport | Baltimore Hotels

BOS:Boston (Logan) International Airport | Boston Hotels

BUR:Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport | Burbank Hotels

ORD:Chicago (O’Hare) International Airport | Chicago Hotels
DFW: Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport | Dallas-Fort Worth Hotels

DEN: Denver International Airport | Denver Hotels

DTW:Detroit (Wayne County) Metropolitan Airport

EWR: Newark International Airport

HNL: Honolulu International Airport

IAD: Washington D.C. (Dulles) International Airport

IAH: Houston – George Bush Intercontinental Airport

LAS: Las Vegas (McCarran) International Airport

LAX: Los Angeles International Airport | Los Angeles Hotels

MIA: Miami International Airport

MSP: Minneapolis/ St.Paul International Airport

EWR: Newark International Airport

JFK: New York (Kennedy) International Airport | New York Hotels

LGA: New York (La Guardia) Airport

OAK: Oakland International Airport

ONT: Ontario Airport

MCO: Orlando International Airport

PHL: Philadelphia International Airport

PHX: Phoenix (Sky Harbor) International Airport

PIT: Pittsburgh International Airport

SMF: Sacramento International Airport

SLC: Salt Lake City International Airport

SAN: San Diego International Airport

SFO: San Francisco International Airport | San Francisco Hotels

SJC: San Jose International Airport

SEA: Seattle/Tacoma Airport

DCA: Washington D.C. (National) Airport

IAD: Washington D.C. (Dulles) International Airport


Travel Directions, Weather, Road conditions

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Airport Codes and Mileage Calculator

Sunday, February 24th, 2008

Here at AirportCityCodes we have two helpful data sources – our Airport Codes Database with information about airports all over the world, and our mileage calculator that allows you to get the distance between most airports: Mileage Calculator Airport Codes

If you have any simple airport questions feel free to email me and I”ll try to find the answer for you:

Weather Delays in Chicago and

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

Yesterday, Officials at Chicagoland airports told travellers to expect some cancellations and delays on travel because of bad weather.

Meanwhile Waashington DC also had many problems as bad weather raged along the east coast of the USA, causing travel problems at several airports.

Winter travel tip: Prepare for delays at the airport by bringing reading or computer work, using your phone to catch up with personal or business calls, and other distractions. Wear comfortable clothing in case your trip lasts much longer than planned, and try to maintain good eating and drinking habits as much as possible to avoid indigestion from the inevitable travel stress.

Most of all: Don’t PANIC!

WiFi in Airports

Friday, December 28th, 2007

This is information gleaned from an old article in USA Today. For more updated information try this Wi Fi in Airports website:

In 2005, and I think still, only a small number of companies control most airport Wi-Fi. Here are some:

Wayport. San Jose and Austin. Limited coverage in Oakland, Calif. Airports: AUS, BUF, DFW, OAK, SJC.

Cingular. Denver, Seattle, and Philadelphia. Airports: DEN, PHL, RDU, SEA.

ICOA/WiSE are now merged



Concourse Communications.

A private contractor for cell and Wi-Fi installations. BNA, DTW, EWR, JFK, MSP, YOW.

T-Mobile. Another veteran hotspot provider with over 5,700 coffeeshop, bookstores, and retail locations, they also offer airport-wide coverage. Airports: SFO, BUR, BWI, GSO, PVD, FSD, TYS, AUS, DFW, DAL, ORF.

Opti-Fi. Full coverage: YEG, DSM, PHF, ELP, SBN, MOB, MLB, TVC, ALB, YQQ, YHM, YQT, JNU, JAC, ASE, YQG, TOL.

Airport’s own WIFI networks: These airports rolled their own WiFi, and deserve alot of props for doing it! OWD, FRG, BOS, PDX, LAS, MFR, YUM, ISP, ASE, SAT.

This list is old and NOT INCLUSIVE! Many Airports are adding this great service – be sure to send them a note thanking them if they provide free WiFi!

Chicago Airports over the holiday

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

The Chicago Sun Times reviews the expected travel situation at Chicagoland airports. So far the holiday travel experience seems to have been OK for most travelers. News outlets are not reporting major delays from today’s travel, though Sunday travel “home” may tell the big tale.,CST-NWS-air21.article