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TSA Pre Precheck Program for frequent flyers

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

TSA is rolling out their “pre” program this fall at Dulles IAD and  Indianapolis  IND Airports.   The pre check allows frequent flyers to board somewhat more easily than “regular” flyers.    However the enrollment fee of $85 and fingerprinting hassles mean that for most flyers this may not be worth the trouble and cost.    Obviously frequent travelers may find this worthwhile however, and the $85 is over 5 years and therefore represents a very small annualized cost.

It’ll be hard to tell the time savings until details are finalized because the number of dedicated screening lines for “pre” passengers may determine how much time this process will save.   Time is money, so the $85  fee will be well worth it to frequent business travelers if they can save many hours in waiting over the course of their enrollment.

Here’s more about the “Pre” Precheck program from the TSA Website:

TSA Pre✓™ allows select frequent flyers of participating airlines and members of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Trusted Traveler programs who are flying on participating airlines, to receive expedited screening benefits. Eligible participants use dedicated screening lanes for screening benefits which include leaving on shoes, light outerwear and belts, as well as leaving laptops and 3-1-1 compliant liquids in carry-on bags.

TSA Pre✓™ Application Process

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is announcing plans to implement a TSA Pre✓™ application process. The TSA Pre✓™ fee-based application process will allow U.S. citizens the opportunity to apply for expedited screening without a passport.

When available, the application will be a two-step process:

  1. Fill out an online application.

  2. Verify identity and provide fingerprints at a TSA Pre✓™ enrollment center.

Applicants may pay the anticipated $85 enrollment fee online, or at an enrollment center. There is a five-year term of eligibility, after which members will need to re-apply. TSA expects the vetting process to take approximately 2-3 weeks. A U.S. passport is not required to enroll. The first two enrollment locations, Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) and Indianapolis International Airport (IND), will open in fall 2013 with plans to expand to additional enrollment sites nationwide.


Bureau of Transportation Statistics – a great online resource

Friday, November 18th, 2011











I am often amazed at the resources that pop up online without much fanfare.  One for Transportation is the Research and Innovation Technology Administration, thankfully shortened to  “RITA” , which is part of the Bureau of Transportation Statistics at .     Here you’ll find flight, airline, and airport statistics provided by the US Government that include everything from flight delays to jobs in the industry.   If you are a researcher this is an essential resource, and even travelers will find the information very interesting.   Did you know, for example, that extra baggage fees were $887 million – almost a billion dollars –  in the second quarter of 2011.  This is a lot of extra revenue for the airlines and also suggests an obvious budget cutting travel tip – travel light and use a carry on rather than checked baggage!     You won’t save $887 million, but one of the reasons that number is so high is that the extra baggage fees have become exceptionally high over the last few years as many flights do NOT provide any free checked bags.   My personal experience has been that travelling light has many, many advantages.    For example on our 2010 family trip to Venice, Italy we decided to walk to our hotel from the train station rather than hire a water taxi.   This was a charming walk because we only had one bag each to roll along, with more it would not have been possible.


MSP Minneapolis St Paul Airport Quiet Seating Area (upstairs above the main terminal)

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

MSP Airport Quiet Area, Minneapolis
by QuickAid

Travel is becoming more and more hectic as security concerns and increasingly crowded planes put a cramp in anybody’s style. But you can almost always escape the frenzy – at least for a short time – by finding “out of the way” places to sit and relax in most airports. Here, at MSP in Minneapolis, travelers are enjoying very comfortable seats in a very quiet area of low foot traffic just above the bustle of the main terminal.

Finding such gems in big airports can be a chore, so it’s often best to ask at the information desk (or consult the Airport guide or map) to look for likely places to escape the crowds. Alternatively find a nice lounge or restaurant and a corner table where you can take a deep breath and focus on a book or computer screen. I find that surfing the internet makes the hours between flights go much faster, and being “captive” in an airport often inspires some productivity in terms of checking emails or blogging.

WiFi at Ho Chi Minh / Saigon Airport SGN

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Kudos to SGN for providing at least some internet access to travelers.

SGN is a fairly small, easy to manage airport considering the size of Ho Chi Minh City, but offers most of the amenities of larger airport Venues.

Note:  As of this writing (Feb 12, 2011) domestic flights would not allow liquid containers over 100ml – the same as the normal standards – so pack as normal.

I’m in the domestic terminal at Ho Chi Minh / Saigon Airport in Vietnam (SGN) and getting a fairly good WiFi signal from near the business lounge with ID “Domestic Lounge” and no password required.    I’ve read that access here in domestic flights is spotty where it’s better in international terminal, especially near “Izzy” ? Coffee – can’t check on that terminal yet – but in a few weeks I’ll be in and out of there several times.

For Airport and Vietnam Flight details see the  Ho Chi Minh City Airport official website

For Vietnam Travel information check out Travel and History, the companion blog to Online Highways Travel.

Ho Chi Minh / Saigon Airport, Vietnam SGN. aka Tan Son Nhat International Airport

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

We’ll be reporting live from Ho Chi Minh City in February during the trip to Vietnam, when we’ll be arriving here at Vietnam’s largest Airport, the Ho Chi Minh International Airport which is technically named the ” Tan Son Nhat International Airport”.

Note that “Ho Chi Minh City” and “Saigon” are used somewhat interchangeably to describe Vietnam’s largest city and the nation’s economic center, second only in political influence to Hanoi, the capital city in the north of Vietnam.

wHo Chi Minh Airport, Saigon Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh Airport, Saigon VietnamHere

Here are links to the official Ho Chi Minh Airport pages with information about the airport, terminal maps, flight status, and more:

Changi Airport, Singapore

Thursday, September 9th, 2010
Changi Airport in Singapore is a major hub for travel throughout the world, but especially to several other major Asian airports.    When you visit Changi don’t miss the huge slide, a “fun icon” for this international airport masterpiece.

Below are details about Changi Airport information with links to their official airport website.

Passenger Guide

Flights and Airlines at Changi Airport:

Ash Cloud Updates from the Telegraph UK

Friday, May 21st, 2010

The Telegraph (UK) has an excellent regularly updated feature here with the latest delays from the Iceland Volcanic ash cloud that has disrupted travel to and from Europe – especially the UK – on and off for over a month.

As of May 21 almost all restrictions appear to be lifted and flights are proceeding mostly as planned, though the unpredictability of the eruptions means that travel to and from Europe this summer could have some problems.

The silver lining, reports CNN, is that some European destinations such as Ireland are creating special promotions in the hopes of recapturing some of the lost business.  Furthermore the decline of the Euro vs US Dollar due to the Greece financial crisismakes this summer a particularly inexpensive time to visit Europe for Americans using their stronger  currency.

Airports to Train Stations: Europe

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

European Airports to train stations:

Here, from , is an overview of frequently used airport to train station connections.     Unlike much of the USA where Airports generally assume you’ll have a car or take a taxi, in Europe there is a robust system of train / airport connections where trains, subways and other mass transportation are linked directly into airports.    Often you can take a train right from the airport to the city.

Note that often (but not always) the connection is free for Eurail Passholders, exceptions are noted with asterisk  *.      This chart is current as of April 2010, for the latest visit the Eurail website:

Airport Station Link
Ajaccio Campo dell’oro Ajaccio CFC Bus, every 20 minutes*
Amsterdam Schiphol Amsterdam Centraal Train, every 15 minutes
Athens/E.Venizelos Athens Central Railway Station (Stathmos Larissis) Train, every 30 minutes
Athens/E.Venizelos Korinthos (New Railway Station) Train, every 2 hours
Barcelona El Prat Barcelona Sants Train, every 30 minutes
Berlin Schönefeld Berlin Ostbahnhof/Zoologischer Garten Train (S-Bahn) every 10 minutes
Berlin Tegel Berlin Zool. Garten Bus 109* or X9*
Bern Airport Bern Hbf Bus-shuttle*
Bologna Marconi Bologna Centrale ATC Bus 91, every 15 minutes*
Bordeaux Mérignac Bordeaux St. Jean Bus*
Bourgas Int’l Bourgas BDZ Bus 15*
Bratislava MR Stefanik Bratislava SZD City bus 24*
Bremen Bremen Hbf Tram No. 5*
Brussels Nationaal Brussels North, Central, South Train, every 20 minutes
Brussels South Charleroi Bus 68*
Bucharest Henry Coanda Bucuresti Piata Victoriei bus 783*
Budapest Ferihegy 1 Budapest Nyugati Train, every 20 minutes
Budapest Ferihegy 2 Budapest Bus service*
Cagliari Elmas Cagliari ARST-Bus*
Carcassonne Salvaza Carcassonne SNCF Bus CART #7*
Clermont-Ferrand Aulnat Clermont-Ferrand Bus service*
Copenhagen Kastrup København H Train, every 10 minutes
Copenhagen Kastrup Malmö Train every 20 minutes
Dresden Dresden Hbf Train (S-Bahn) every 30 minutes
Dublin Dublin Connolly, Dublin Heuston Airlink Bus*
Düsseldorf Düsseldorf Hbf Train S7
Eindhoven Airport Eindhoven Hermes Bus 19*
Euroairport Basel SBB Euroair-Bus*
Euroairport Freiburg Hbf SGB-Airbus*
Euroairport Mulhouse SNCF Euroair-Bus*
Faro Faro Bus*
Firenze Vespucci Firenze SMN Bus ATAF 62*
Frankfurt Rhein/Main Frankfurt am Main Hbf Train, every 15 minutes
Genève Cointrin Genève Train, every 15 minutes
Genova C. Colombo Genova Principe Volabus 12/14*
Gothenburg Landvetter Göteborg C Express bus service every 15-30 minutes*
Graz Thalerhof Graz Hbf ÖBB Bus service*
Hahn Frankfurt am Main Hbf Bus (Ryanair/Bohr)*, every hour
Hamburg Hamburg Hbf AirportCity Bus*
Hannover Langenhagen Hannover Hbf Train (S-Bahn) every 30 minutes
Helsinki Vantaa Helsinki Bus 615 or a Finnair bus*
Köln/Bonn Apt Köln Hbf Train (S-Bahn) every 20 minutes
Köln/Bonn Apt Bonn Hbf Express Service Bus # 670*
Leipzig/Halle Leipzig Hbf, Halle(S) Hbf Train, every 30 mins
Linz Blue Danube Linz Hbf ÖBB Bus service*
Lisbon Lisboa Cais do Sodre Aero bus*
Ljubljana Brnik Ljubljana Bus service*
Luxembourg Findel Luxembourg Gare Central Luxair bus, every hour*
Lyon St. Exupéry Lyon Part Dieu, Lyon Perrache Bus: Navette Aéroport*
Maastricht/Aachen Aachen Hermes Bus 420*
Maastricht/Aachen Maastricht Hermes Bus 421*
Madrid Barajas Madrid Chamartin Metro*
Malaga Malaga Train, every 15 minutes
Marseille Provence Marseille St. Charles Bus, every 20 minutes*
Milan Linate Milano Centrale Bus ATM # 73*
Milan Malpensa Milano Centrale Bus: Malpensa Shuttle*
Milan Malpensa Milano Bovisa and Milano Cadorna Malpensa Express train*
Munich F.J.Strauss München Hbf Train (S-Bahn) every 10 minutes
Nantes Atlantique Nantes SNCF TAN Air Bus*
Naples Capodichino Napoli Pza. Garibaldi Bus # 14, every 20 minutes*
Nice Cote d’Azur Nice Ville Bus #23*
Oslo Gardermoen Oslo Sentral Train (Airport Express and NSB Regional train)*
Paris Charles De Gaulle Paris Nord RER Line B
Paris Orly Paris Austerlitz; Versailles RER Line C (Pont de Rungis)*
Pisa Galileo Galilei Firenze SMN Train
Pisa Galileo Galilei Pisa Centrale Train
Porto Carneiro Porto Campanhã Train every 20 minutes*
Rimini Miramare Rimini Centrale ATAM Bus # 9*
Roma Fiumicino Roma Termini train every 30 minutes, only 1st class  Passes are valid
Rotterdam Zestienhoven Rotterdam Centraal RET bus # 33*
Salzburg, W.A. Mozart Salzburg Hbf City Bus 77 (Obus)*
Sofia Airport Sofia Central Railway Station Bus 84*
Stockholm Arlanda Stockholm C Train, every 15 minutes
Stuttgart Echterdingen Stuttgart Hbf Train (S-Bahn) every 10-20 minutes
Verona Villafranca Verona Porta Nuova APTS Bus, bay # 39*
Vienna Schwechat Wien-Nord, Wien-Mitte Train (S-Bahn), every 30 minutes
Vienna Schwechat Wien-Mitte CAT (City Airport Train) every 30 minutes*
Zürich Zürich Hb Train, every 15 minutes

Dulles Airport IAD Serving Washington D.C.

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Dulles International Airport Airport Code: IAD serves the greater Washington D.C. Area.   Dulles is within a days drive of many major cities on the east coast making it a key hub for East Coast travel.    Note that Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport also serves the Washington D.C. area and is located in the city.

Dulles Airport Terminal Maps

Dulles Ground Transportation

Airlines at Dulles

Dulles Parking

Washington D.C. is the capitol of the United States and home to some of America’s finest architecture, history, and museums.  In Washington D.C. you’ll find the attractions listed below all near the National Mall area.   Note that the National Mall area is HUGE and you can spend several days exploring this and surrounding attractions like the WWII Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Smithsonian Institution (allow at least a day and hopefully more to roam this museum – one of the world’s finest).

Bring comfortable shoes and try to use the submay or busses when possible.  Parking is sometimes hard to find around the major attractions, especially in summer.

Washington D.C. Attractions include:

The Washington Monument

Lincoln Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

WW II Memorial (near the center of the National Mall)

Vietnam Memorial (near the Lincoln Memorial)

National Mall

Smithsonian Museum

Holocaust Museum

US Treasury Museum.

US Capitol Building

White House

Click HERE for an *excellent* free printable map and information sheets about the Capitol Mall

Airport Maps from Mapquest

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Here, from Mapquest, is a list of US Airports with links to Mapquest maps for each of them.    Although we’ll eventually have maps here at Airport Directory we also want to feature other sources for maps.

For Terminal maps you’ll often want to try the Airport websites directly

Alabama Airport Maps Return To Top
Dothan Regional Airport Map (DHN) Dothan, AL
Huntsville Intl Airport-Carl T Jones Field Map (HSV) Huntsville, AL
Montgomery Regional Airport (Dannelly Field) Map (MGM) Montgomery, AL
Northwest Alabama Regional Airport Map (MSL) Muscle Shoals, AL
Birmingham Intl Airport Map (BHM) Birmingham, AL

Alaska Airport Maps Return To Top
Ketchikan Intl Airport Map (KTN) Ketchikan, AK
Ted Stevens Anchorage Intl Airport Map (ANC) Anchorage, AK
Yakutat Airport Map (YAK) Yakutat, AK
Wrangell Airport Map (WRG) Wrangell, AK
Kodiak Municipal Airport Map (KDK) Kodiak, AK
Juneau Intl Airport Map (JNU) Juneau, AK
Iliamna Airport Map (ILI) Iliamna, AK
Merle K (Mudhole) Smith Airport Map (CDV) Cordova, AK
Ralph Wien Memorial Airport Map (OTZ) Kotzebue, AK
Cold Bay Airport Map (CDB) Cold Bay, AK
Haines Airport Map (HNS) Haines, AK
Klawock Airport Map (AKW) Craig, AK
Unalaska Airport Map (DUT) Dutch Harbor, AK
Fairbanks Intl Airport Map (FAI) Fairbanks, AK
Edward G. Pitka Sr Airport Map (GAL) Galena, AK

Arkansas Airport Maps Return To Top
Baxter County Regional Airport Map (BPK) Midway, AR
Little Rock National Airport (LIT) Little Rock, AR
Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport Map (XNA) Bentonville, AR
Texarkana Regional Airport-Webb Field Map (TXK) Texarkana, AR
Boone County Airport Map (HRO) Harrison, AR
Memorial Field Map (HOT) Hot Springs, AR

Arizona Airport Maps Return To Top
Tucson Intl Airport Map (TUS) Tuscon, AZ
Show Low Municipal Airport Map (SOW) Show Low, AZ
Ernest A. Love Field Map (PRC) Prescott, AZ
Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl Airport Map (PHX) Phoenix, AZ
Page Municipal Airport Map (PGA) Page, AZ
Grand Canyon National Park Airport Map (GCN) Grand Canyon, AZ
Flagstaff Pulliam Airport Map (FLG) Flagstaff, AZ
Laughlin-Bullhead Intl Airport Map (IFP) Bullhead City, AZ
Lake Havasu City Airport Map (HII) Lake Havasu City, AZ
Yuma MCAS-Yuma Intl Airport Map (YUM) Yuma, AZ

California Airport Maps Return To Top
Visalia Municipal Airport Map (VIS) Visalia, CA
San Bernardino International Airport Map (SBT) San Bernardino, CA
San Diego Intl Airport-Lindbergh Field Map (SAN) San Diego, CA
San Francisco Intl Airport Map (SFO) San Francisco, CA
San Jose Intl Airport Map (SJC) San Jose, CA
San Luis Obispo County Airport-Mc Chesney Field Map (SBP) San Luis Obispo, CA
John Wayne Airport-Orange County Map (SNA) Santa Ana, CA
Santa Maria Public Airport-Capt G Allan Hancock Field Map (SMX) Santa Maria, CA
Stockton Metropolitan Airport Map (SCK) Stockton, CA
Watsonville Municipal Airport Map (WVI) Watsonville, CA
Jack Mc Namara Field Map (CEC) Crescent City, CA
Sacramento Intl Airport Map (SMF) Sacramento, CA
Sonoma County Airport Map (STS) Santa Rosa, CA
Chico Municipal Airport Map (CIC) Chico, CA
Redding Municipal Airport Map (RDD) Redding, CA
Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Map (BUR) Burbank, CA
Long Beach Airport-Daugherty Field Map (LGB) Long Beach, CA
Mc Clellan-Palomar Airport Map (CRQ) Carlsbad, CA
Fresno Yosemite Intl Airport Map (FAT) Fresno, CA
Meadows Field Map (BFL) Bakersfield, CA
Los Angeles Intl Airport Map (LAX) Los Angeles, CA
Arcata Airport Map (ACV) Mc Kinleyville, CA
Monterey Peninsula Airport Map (MRY) Monterey, CA
Metropolitan Oakland Intl Airport Map (OAK) Oakland, CA
Ontario Intl Airport Map (ONT) Ontario, CA
Palm Springs Intl Airport Map (PSP) Palm Springs, CA

Colorado Airport Maps Return To Top
Denver Intl Airport Map (DEN) Denver, CO
Pueblo Memorial Airport Map (PUB) Pueblo, CO
Montrose Regional Airport Map (MTJ) Montrose, CO
Yampa Valley Airport Map (HDN) Hayden, CO
Eagle County Regional Airport Map (EGE) Gypsum, CO
Gunnison County Airport Map (GUC) Gunnison, CO
Telluride Regional Airport Map (TEX) Telluride, CO
Cortez Municipal Airport Map (CEZ) Cortez, CO
City of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport Map (COS) Colorado Springs, CO
Aspen-Pitkin Co Airport-Sardy Field Map (ASE) Aspen, CO
San Luis Valley Regional Airport-Bergman Field Map (ALS) Alamosa, CO
Walker Field Map (GJT) Grand Junction, CO
Durango-La Plata County Airport Map (DRO) Durango, CO

Connecticut Airport Maps Return To Top
Bradley Intl Airport Map (BDL) Windsor Locks, CT
Groton-New London Airport Map (GON) Groton, CT

Delaware Airport Maps Return To Top
New Castle County Airport Map (ILG) Wilmington, DE

District of Columbia Airport Maps Return To Top
Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Map (DCA) Washington, DC

Florida Airport Maps Return To Top
Orlando Sanford Airport Map (SFB) Sanford, FL
Palm Beach Intl Airport Map (PBI) West Palm Beach, FL
Tampa Intl Airport Map (TPA) Tampa, FL
Sarasota-Bradenton Intl Airport Map (SRQ) Sarasota, FL
Pensacola Regional Airport Map (PNS) Pensacola, FL
Panama City-Bay Co Intl Airport Map (PFN) Panama City, FL
Orlando Intl Airport Map (MCO) Orlando, FL
Naples Municipal Airport Map (APF) Naples, FL
Melbourne Intl Airport Map (MLB) Melbourne, FL
Key West Intl Airport Map (EYW) Key West, FL
Jacksonville Intl Airport Map (JAX) Jacksonville, FL
Gainesville Regional Airport Map (GNV) Gainesville, FL
St Petersburg-Clearwater Intl Airport Map (PIE) Clearwater, FL
Southwest Florida Intl Airport Map (RSW) Fort Myers, FL
Tallahassee Regional Airport Map (TLH) Tallahassee, FL
Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport Map (FLL) Fort Lauderdale, FL
Daytona Beach Intl Airport Map (DAB) Daytona Beach, FL
Miami Intl Airport Map (MIA) Miami, FL

Georgia Airport Maps Return To Top
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Map (ATL) Atlanta, GA
Valdosta Regional Airport Map (VLD) Valdosta, GA
Savannah Intl Airport Map (SAV) Savannah, GA
Middle Georgia Regional Airport Map (MCN) Macon, GA
Augusta Regional Airport at Bush Field Map (AGS) Augusta, GA
Athens-Ben Epps Airport Map (AHN) Athens, GA
Southwest Georgia Regional Airport Map (ABY) Albany, GA
Columbus Metropolitan Airport Map (CSG) Columbus, GA

Hawaii Airport Maps Return To Top
Hana Airport Map (HNM) Hana, HI
Hilo International Airport Map (ITO) Hilo, HI
Honolulu International Airport Map (HNL) Honolulu, HI
Molokai Airport Map (MKK) Hoolehua, HI
Kona Intl Airport at Keahole Map (KOA) Kailua Kona, HI
Lihue Airport Map (LIH) Lihue, HI

Iowa Airport Maps Return To Top
Sioux Gateway Airport-Col. Bud Day Field Map (SUX) Sioux City, IA
Dubuque Regional Airport Map (DBQ) Dubuque, IA
Waterloo Municipal Airport Map (ALO) Waterloo, IA
The Eastern Iowa Airport Map (CID) Cedar Rapids, IA
Des Moines Intl Airport Map (DSM) Des Moines, IA
Mason City Municipal Airport Map (MCW) Mason City, IA
Fort Dodge Regional Airport Map (FOD) Fort Dodge, IA

Idaho Airport Maps Return To Top
Boise Municipal Airport-Gowen Field Map (BOI) Boise, ID
Friedman Memorial Airport Map (SUN) Hailey, ID
Lewiston-Nez Perce County Airport Map (LWS) Lewiston, ID
Joslin Field Map (TWF) Twin Falls, ID

Illinois Airport Maps Return To Top
Decatur Airport Map (DEC) Decatur, IL
Capital Airport Map (SPI) Springfield, IL
Greater Rockford Airport Map (RFD) Rockford, IL
Quincy Regional Airport-Baldwin Field Map (UIN) Quincy, IL
Williamson County Regional Airport Map (MWA) Marion, IL
Chicago O’Hare Intl Airport Map (ORD) Chicago, IL
Chicago Midway Airport Map (MDW) Chicago, IL
Central IL Regional Airport at Bloomington-Normal Map (BMI) Bloomington, IL
Quad City Intl Airport Map (MLI) Moline, IL

Indiana Airport Maps Return To Top
South Bend Regional Airport Map (SBN) South Bend, IN
Evansville Regional Airport Map (EVV) Evansville, IN
Fort Wayne Intl Airport Map (FWA) Fort Wayne, IN
Gary-Chicago Airport Map (GYY) Gary, IN
Indianapolis Intl Airport Map (IND) Indianapolis, IN

Kansas Airport Maps Return To Top
Manhattan Regional Airport Map (MHK) Manhattan, KS
Forbes Field Map (FOE) Topeka, KS
Wichita Mid-Continent Airport Map (ICT) Wichita, KS
Salina Municipal Airport Map (SLN) Salina, KS
Kingman Airport Map (IGM) Kingman, KS
Hays Regional Airport Map (HYS) Hays, KS
Dodge City Regional Airport Map (DDC) Dodge City, KS
Garden City Regional Airport Map (GCK) Garden City, KS
Liberal Municipal Airport Map (LBL) Liberal, KS

Kentucky Airport Maps Return To Top
Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky Intl Airport Map (CVG) Hebron, KY
Blue Grass Airport Map (LEX) Lexington, KY
Louisville Intl Airport-Standiford Field Map (SDF) Louisville, KY
Owensboro-Daviess County Airport Map (OWB) Owensboro, KY
Barkley Regional Airport Map (PAH) Paducah, KY

Louisiana Airport Maps Return To Top
Alexandria Intl Airport Map (AEX) Alexandria, LA
Shreveport Regional Airport Map (SHV) Shreveport, LA
Lake Charles Regional Airport Map (LCH) Lake Charles, LA
Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport- Ryan Field Map (BTR) Baton Rouge, LA
Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport Map (MSY) Kenner, LA

Massachusetts Airport Maps Return To Top
Logan Intl Airport Map (BOS) Boston, MA
Barnstable Municipal Airport Map (HYA) Hyannis, MA
Nantucket Memorial Airport Map (ACK) Nantucket, MA
Provincetown Municipal Airport Map (PVC) Provincetown, MA
Marthas Vineyard Airport Map (MVY) West Tisbury, MA
Worcester Regional Airport Map (ORH) Worcester, MA

Maryland Airport Maps Return To Top
Hagerstown Regional Airport-Richard A Henson Field Map (HGR) Hagerstown, MD
Salisbury-Ocean City Wicomico Regional Airport Map (SBY) Salisbury, MD
Baltimore-Washington Intl Airport Map (BWI) Baltimore, MD

Maine Airport Maps Return To Top
Bangor Intl Airport Map (BGR) Bangor, ME
Portland International Jetport Map (PWM) Portland, ME
Northern Maine Regional Airport at Presque Is Map (PQI) Presque Isle, ME
Knox County Regional Airport Map (RKD) Rockland, ME
Augusta State Airport Map (AUG) Augusta, ME

Michigan Airport Maps Return To Top
MBS Intl Airport Map (MBS) Freeland, MI
Cherry Capital Airport Map (TVC) Traverse City, MI
Kalamazoo Battle Creek International Airport Map (AZO) Portage, MI
Pellston Regional Airport of Emmet County Map (PLN) Pellston, MI
Muskegon County Airport Map (MKG) Muskegon, MI
Houghton County Memorial Airport Map (CMX) Laurium, MI
Capital City Airport Map (LAN) Lansing, MI
Chippewa County International Airport Map (CIU) Kincheloe, MI
Gerald R. Ford Intl Airport Map (GRR) Grand Rapids, MI
Bishop Intl Airport Map (FNT) Flint, MI
Delta County Airport Map (ESC) Escanaba, MI
Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport Map (DTW) Detroit, MI
Charlevoix Municipal Airport Map (CVX) Charlevoix, MI
Alpena County Regional Airport Map (APN) Alpena, MI
Sawyer Intl Airport Map (SAW) Gwinn, MI

Minnesota Airport Maps Return To Top
Grand Rapids-Itasca Co Airport-Gordon Newstrom Field Map (GPZ) Grand Rapids, MN
Bemidji-Beltrami County Airport Map (BJI) Bemidji, MN
Chisholm-Hibbing Airport Map (HIB) Hibbing, MN
Falls Intl Airport Map (INL) Internatl Falls, MN
Minneapolis-St Paul Intl Airport Map (MSP) Minneapolis, MN
Rochester Intl Airport Map (RST) Rochester, MN
Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport Map (BRD) Brainerd, MN

Missouri Airport Maps Return To Top
Lambert-St Louis Intl Airport Map (STL) St. Louis, MO
Cape Girardeau Regional Airport Map (CGI) Cape Girardeau, MO
Columbia Regional Airport Map (COU) Columbia, MO
Joplin Regional Airport Map (JLN) Joplin, MO
Kansas City Intl Airport Map (MCI) Kansas City, MO
Springfield-Branson Regional Airport Map (SGF) Springfield, MO

Mississippi Airport Maps Return To Top
Tupelo Regional Airport Map (TUP) Tupelo, MS
Hattiesburg-Laurel Regional Airport Map (PIB) Moselle, MS
Key Field Map (MEI) Meridian, MS
Jackson Intl Airport Map (JAN) Jackson, MS
Golden Triangle Regional Airport Map (GTR) Columbus, MS
Gulfport-Biloxi Intl Airport Map (GPT) Gulfport, MS

Montana Airport Maps Return To Top
Helena Regional Airport Map (HLN) Helena, MT
Missoula Intl Airport Map (MSO) Missoula, MT
Sidney-Richland Municipal Airport Map (SDY) Sidney, MT
Glacier Park Intl Airport Map (FCA) Kalispell, MT
Wokal Field-Glasgow Intl Airport Map (GGW) Glasgow, MT
Bert Mooney Airport Map (BTM) Butte, MT
Gallatin Field Airport Map (BZN) Belgrade, MT
Great Falls Intl Airport Map (GTF) Great Falls, MT

North Carolina Airport Maps Return To Top
Piedmont Triad Intl Airport Map (GSO) Greensboro, NC
Charlotte-Douglas Intl Airport Map (CLT) Charlotte, NC
Albert J Ellis Airport Map (OAJ) Richlands, NC
Raleigh-Durham Intl Airport Map (RDU) Raleigh, NC
Moore County Airport Map (SOP) Pinehurst, NC
Hickory Regional Airport Map (HKY) Hickory, NC
Wilmington Intl Airport Map (ILM) Wilmington, NC
Fayetteville Regional Airport-Grannis Field Map (FAY) Fayetteville, NC
Craven County Regional Airport Map (EWN) New Bern, NC

North Dakota Airport Maps Return To Top
Jamestown Municipal Airport Map (JMS) Jamestown, ND
Minot Intl Airport Map (MOT) Minot, ND
Sloulin Field Intl Airport Map (ISN) Williston, ND
Grand Forks Intl Airport Map (GFK) Grand Forks, ND
Hector Intl Airport Map (FAR) Fargo, ND
Bismarck Municipal Airport Map (BIS) Bismarck, ND
Dickinson Municipal Airport Map (DIK) Dickinson, ND

Nebraska Airport Maps Return To Top
Central Nebraska Regional Airport Map (GRI) Grand Island, NE
Kearney Municipal Airport Map (EAR) Kearney, NE
Lincoln Municipal Airport Map (LNK) Lincoln, NE
Eppley Airfield Map (OMA) Omaha, NE

New Hampshire Airport Maps Return To Top
Manchester Airport Map (MHT) Manchester, NH
Pease International Tradeport Airport Map (PSM) Portsmouth, NH

New Jersey Airport Maps Return To Top
Trenton Mercer Airport Map (TTN) West Trenton, NJ
Teterboro Airport Map (TEB) Teterboro, NJ
Newark Liberty Intl Airport Map (EWR) Newark, NJ
Atlantic City Intl Airport Map (ACY) Egg Harbor Township, NJ

New Mexico Airport Maps Return To Top
Four Corners Regional Airport Map (FMN) Farmington, NM
Gallup Municipal Airport Map (GUP) Gallup, NM
Santa Fe Municipal Airport Map (SAF) Santa Fe, NM
Taos Municipal Airport Map (SKX) Taos, NM
Albuquerque Intl Sunport Map (ABQ) Albuquerque, NM

Nevada Airport Maps Return To Top
North Las Vegas Airport Map (VGT) North Las Vegas, NV
Reno/Tahoe Intl Airport Map (RNO) Reno, NV
Mc Carran Intl Airport Map (LAS) Las Vegas, NV

New York Airport Maps Return To Top
Adirondack Regional Airport Map (SLK) Saranac Lake, NY
Niagara Falls International Airport Map (IAG) Niagara Falls, NY
Syracuse Hancock Intl Airport Map (SYR) Syracuse, NY
Long Island Mac Arthur Airport Map (ISP) Ronkonkoma, NY
Greater Rochester Intl Airport Map (ROC) Rochester, NY
Oneida County Airport Map (UCA) Oriskany, NY
Ogdensburg International Airport Map (OGS) Ogdensburg, NY
Westchester County Airport Map (HPN) White Plains, NY
Massena Intl Airport-Richards Field Map (MSS) Massena, NY
Binghamton Regional Airport-Edwin A Link Field Map (BGM) Johnson City, NY
John F Kennedy Intl Airport Map (JFK) Jamaica, NY
Tompkins County Airport Map (ITH) Ithaca, NY
La Guardia Airport Map (LGA) Flushing, NY
Buffalo Niagara Intl Airport Map (BUF) Cheektowaga, NY
Albany Intl Airport Map (ALB) Albany, NY
Stewart Intl Airport Map (SWF) New Windsor, NY

Ohio Airport Maps Return To Top
James M Cox Dayton International Airport Map (DAY) Vandalia, OH
Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport Map (YNG) Vienna, OH
Toledo Express Airport Map (TOL) Swanton, OH
Akron-Canton Regional Airport Map (CAK) North Canton, OH
Port Columbus Intl Airport Map (CMH) Columbus, OH
Cleveland-Hopkins Intl Airport Map (CLE) Cleveland, OH
Carl R Keller Field Map (PCW) Port Clinton, OH
Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky Intl Airport Map (CVG) Hebron, KY

Oklahoma Airport Maps Return To Top
Will Rogers World Airport Map (OKC) Oklahoma City, OK
Ponca City Municipal Airport Map (PNC) Ponca City, OK
Tulsa Intl Airport Map (TUL) Tulsa, OK
Lawton-Fort Sill Regional Airport Map (LAW) Lawton, OK

Oregon Airport Maps Return To Top
Klamath Falls Intl Airport Map (LMT) Klamath Falls, OR
Portland Intl Airport Map (PDX) Portland, OR
Rogue Valley Intl Map (MFR) Medford, OR
Eugene Airport Map (EUG) Eugene, OR
North Bend Municipal Airport Map (OTH) North Bend, OR

Pennsylvania Airport Maps Return To Top
Wilkes-Barre-Scranton International Airport Map (AVP) Avoca, PA
University Park Airport Map (UNV) State College, PA
Pittsburgh Intl Airport Map (PIT) Pittsburgh, PA
Philadelphia Intl Airport Map (PHL) Philadelphia, PA
Altoona-Blair County Airport Map (AOO) Martinsburg, PA
Williamsport Regional Airport Map (IPT) Montoursville, PA
Harrisburg Intl Airport Map (MDT) Middletown, PA
Bradford Regional Airport Map (BFD) Lewis Run, PA
Arnold Palmer Regional Airport Map (LBE) Latrobe, PA
Erie Intl Airport Map (ERI) Erie, PA
Venango Regional Airport Map (FKL) Franklin, PA
Lehigh Valley Intl Airport Map (ABE) Allentown, PA
Lancaster Airport Map (LNS) Lititz, PA

Rhode Island Airport Maps Return To Top
Westerly State Airport Map (WST) Westerly, RI
Block Island State Airport Map (BID) Block Island, RI
T F Green Airport Map (PVD) Warwick, RI

South Carolina Airport Maps Return To Top
Columbia Metropolitan Airport Map (CAE) West Columbia, SC
Myrtle Beach Intl Airport Map (MYR) Myrtle Beach, SC
Greenville-Spartanburg Intl Airport Map (GSP) Greer, SC
Charleston AFB-International Airport Map (CHS) Charleston, SC
Florence Regional Airport Map (FLO) Florence, SC

South Dakota Airport Maps Return To Top
Aberdeen Regional Airport Map (ABR) Aberdeen, SD
Rapid City Regional Airport Map (RAP) Rapid City, SD
Sioux Falls Regional Airport Map (FSD) Sioux Falls, SD

Tennessee Airport Maps Return To Top
Memphis Intl Airport Map (MEM) Memphis, TN
Nashville Intl Airport Map (BNA) Nashville, TN
Mc Kellar-Sipes Regional Airport Map (MKL) Jackson, TN
McGhee Tyson Airport Map (TYS) Alcoa, TN
Tri-Cities Regional Airport Map (TRI) Blountville, TN

Texas Airport Maps Return To Top
George Bush Houston Intercontinental Airport Map (IAH) Houston, TX
Waco Regional Airport Map (ACT) Waco, TX
Victoria Regional Airport Map (VCT) Victoria, TX
Tyler Pounds Field Map (TYR) Tyler, TX
San Antonio Intl Airport Map (SAT) San Antonio, TX
San Angelo Regional Airport-Mathis Field Map (SJT) San Angelo, TX
Midland International Airport Map (MAF) Midland, TX
McAllen-Miller International Airport Map (MFE) McAllen, TX
Lubbock Intl Airport Map (LBB) Lubbock, TX
Gregg County Airport Map (GGG) Longview, TX
Laredo International Airport Map (LRD) Laredo, TX
Killeen Municipal Airport Map (ILE) Killeen, TX
Valley Intl Airport Map (HRL) Harlingen, TX
El Paso Intl Airport Map (ELP) El Paso, TX
Dallas-Fort Worth Intl Airport Map (DFW) Dallas, TX
Corpus Christi Intl Airport Map (CRP) Corpus Christi, TX
Easterwood Field Map (CLL) College Station, TX
Brownsville-South Padre Island Intl Airport Map (BRO) Brownsville, TX
Southeast Texas Regional Airport Map (BPT) Beaumont, TX
Austin-Bergstrom Intl Airport Map (AUS) Austin, TX
Amarillo Intl Airport Map (AMA) Amarillo, TX
Sheppard AFB-Wichita Falls Municipal Airport Map (SPS) Wichita Falls, TX
William P Hobby Airport Map (HOU) Houston, TX

Utah Airport Maps Return To Top
Canyonlands Field Map (CNY) Moab, UT
Salt Lake City Intl Airport Map (SLC) Salt Lake City, UT
Cedar City Regional Airport Map (CDC) Cedar City, UT
Bryce Canyon Airport Map (BCE) Bryce, UT
St George Municipal Airport Map (SGU) St George, UT

Virginia Airport Maps Return To Top
Roanoke Regional Airport-Woodrum Field Map (ROA) Roanoke, VA
Washington Dulles Intl Airport Map (IAD) Sterling, VA
Richmond Intl Airport Map (RIC) Richmond, VA
Norfolk Intl Airport Map (ORF) Norfolk, VA
Newport News-Williamsburg Intl Airport Map (PHF) Newport News, VA
Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport Map (CHO) Charlottesville, VA
Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport Map (SHD) Weyers Cave, VA

Vermont Airport Maps Return To Top
Burlington Intl Airport Map (BTV) South Burlington, VT
–> Rutland State Airport Map (RUT) Rutland, VT

Washington Airport Maps Return To Top
Seattle-Tacoma Intl Airport Map (SEA) Seatac, WA
Spokane Intl Airport Map (GEG) Spokane, WA
Walla Walla Regional Airport Map (ALW) Walla Walla, WA
Boeing Field Map (BFI) Seattle, WA
Grant County Intl Airport Map (MWH) Moses Lake, WA
Pangborn Memorial Airport Map (EAT) East Wenatchee, WA
Anacortes Airport Map (74S) Anacortes, WA
Tri-Cities Airport Map (PSC) Pasco, WA
Bellingham Intl Airport Map (BLI) Bellingham, WA

West Virginia Airport Maps Return To Top
Raleigh County Memorial Airport Map (BKW) Beaver, WV
Morgantown Municipal Airport-Walter L. Bill Hart Field Map (MGW) Morgantown, WV
Greenbrier Valley Airport Map (LWB) Lewisburg, WV
Harrison/Marion Regional Airport Map (CKB) Bridgeport, WV
Tri-State Airport-Milton J. Ferguson Field Map (HTS) Huntington, WV
Yeager Airport Map (CRW) Charleston, WV

Wisconsin Airport Maps Return To Top
Outagamie County Regional Airport Map (ATW) Appleton, WI
Austin Straubel International Airport Map (GRB) Green Bay, WI
Dane County Regional Airport-Truax Field Map (MSN) Madison, WI
General Mitchell Intl Airport Map (MKE) Milwaukee, WI
Central Wisconsin Airport Map (CWA) Mosinee, WI
Wittman Regional Airport Map (OSH) Oshkosh, WI

Wyoming Airport Maps Return To Top
Worland Municipal Airport Map (WRL) Worland, WY
Natrona County Intl Airport Map (CPR) Casper, WY
Cheyenne Airport Map (CYS) Cheyenne, WY
Yellowstone Regional Airport Map (COD) Cody, WY
Jackson Hole Airport Map (JAC) Jackson, WY
Laramie Regional Airport Map (LAR) Laramie, WY
Riverton Regional Airport Map (RIW) Riverton, WY
Sheridan County Airport Map (SHR) Sheridan, WY