TSA Pre Precheck Program for frequent flyers

TSA is rolling out their “pre” program this fall at Dulles IAD and  Indianapolis  IND Airports.   The pre check allows frequent flyers to board somewhat more easily than “regular” flyers.    However the enrollment fee of $85 and fingerprinting …

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Sioux City – SUX Embracing a funny designator as a brandable name

Sioux City used to complain about their three letter FAA designation as “SUX”  Airport.    But now, in what appears to be a clever marketing move, they’ve embraced it.   More from CNN here.

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Rick Steves on Rethinking the Massive Cost of Airport Security

the moral of the TSA story is that our safety is coming at a cost that may not be sustainable

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China Airports | List of Chinese Airports | Airports of China

Here, from Wikipedia, is the most comprehensive list of Chinese Airports we could find wiht links to the Wikipedia Airport pages for more information.   We’ll eventually have these airports covered here at QuickAid.com Airport Directory but in the meantime …

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Abandoned Airports List (USA Airports)

Thanks to Paul Freeman for a great resource featuring abandoned and little known airports.  This list was recently updated on May 1, 2012 and it features over 1500 listings grouped by US State. www.airfields-freeman.com/

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TSA Transportation Security Administration Air Travel Review

Although there are more flight travel rules than you could ever fully understand, the basics are fairly simple and boil down to the following notes from the TSA: TSA’s  Prohibited Items  NOT all-inclusive but helpful. 3-1-1 Rule – CONSOLIDATE your liquids and …

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Los Angeles Airport LAX: LAX Control Tower and LAX “Theme Building”


Flickr Photo Credit: monkeytime | brachiator The futuristic looking LAX “Theme Building”, one of the great icons of international aerospace industry, reopened in 2010 after its post 9/11 closure for many years. Here the LA Times reviews the situation as …

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MSP Minneapolis St Paul Airport Quiet Seating Area (upstairs above the main terminal)


MSP Airport Quiet Area, Minneapolis by QuickAid Travel is becoming more and more hectic as security concerns and increasingly crowded planes put a cramp in anybody’s style. But you can almost always escape the frenzy – at least for a …

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WiFi at Ho Chi Minh / Saigon Airport SGN

Kudos to SGN for providing at least some internet access to travelers. SGN is a fairly small, easy to manage airport considering the size of Ho Chi Minh City, but offers most of the amenities of larger airport Venues. Note: …

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Ho Chi Minh / Saigon Airport, Vietnam SGN. aka Tan Son Nhat International Airport


We’ll be reporting live from Ho Chi Minh City in February during the trip to Vietnam, when we’ll be arriving here at Vietnam’s largest Airport, the Ho Chi Minh International Airport which is technically named the ” Tan Son Nhat …

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