TSA Pre Precheck Program for frequent flyers

TSA is rolling out their “pre” program this fall at Dulles IAD and  Indianapolis  IND Airports.   The pre check allows frequent flyers to board somewhat more easily than “regular” flyers.    However the enrollment fee of $85 and fingerprinting …

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Rick Steves on Rethinking the Massive Cost of Airport Security

the moral of the TSA story is that our safety is coming at a cost that may not be sustainable

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Laptop Bag Security May Improve

The TSA has issued guidelines to laptop carrying cases that may allow travelers to place the laptop bag directly through X ray machines without having to remove the computer inside, helping tech travelers avoid an inconvenience that used to be …

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New Laptop battery rules for flights – do not put them in checked luggage!

Yes, it’s true – there are even more new complicated rules from the TSA. It’s not even clear this relates to any terror issues but they are restricting lithium batteries in carry on luggage:New Laptop Battery Rules from TSAIf you’ll …

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Cell phone as boarding pass in Houston Airport

Barbara La Dollis writes about an experiment using cell phones as boarding passes at George Bush Airport in Houston, Texas USA. I think only Continental Airlines is using this right now, but I bet this will catch on fast. This …

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Transportation Security Administration TSA

This is an OLD post.  For the latest on TSA Requirements CLICK HERE for TSA Travel Information —————– The TSA here in the USA has a very big job. They are charged with protecting the millions of travelers who travel …

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July 4th Flyers should prepare for delays, waits

US Air Travel this coming Wednesday may bring delays and increased security in light of heightened concerns after UK Airport terrorism last week at GLA GlasgowAirport in Scotland. CNN Reports that about 5 million flyers are expected to travel on …

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Summer Delays Expected

Many are predicting airline delays this summer as travel heats up and airports are crowded.The News Observer observes that increasing use of discount airlines for business travel and leisure travel is putting an added strain on existing airport facilities. I …

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Airport Security – cost effective?

A new “invisible fencing” system will help protect JFK and other New York Airports from Terror Attacks. USA Today has a report on Airport Security. Here’s the Transportation Security Administration website which today is featuring more about the JFK Terror …

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