Airport City Codes

Be sure to check our companion site for Airport Codes, Airlines Codes, and our amazing flight distance calculator which will figure the flight miles from almost any two airports in the world. As a reminder come to for Airport …

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Delta Airlines Fleet Map

From the Delta Airlines blog we have a great picture of the entire Delta Airlines Fleet, though you’ll need to click on the picture to get the whole thing: I’d noticed this great graphic flying home from the trip to …

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Frequent Flyer Miles Madness

IMPORTANT:   This post is  simply a collection of notes from a recent flurry of activity using miles programs.   It may NOT represent the general experience for frequent flyer programs at United, American, or Delta.  If you’ve had different …

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The Business of Aviation

Interested in the business of Aviation? Check out Dan Webb, a blogger at the “Things in the Sky” Blog. Dan spends a lot of time discussing aviation and the business decisions behind it.

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