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Mexicana Airlines Suspends Operations “Indefinitely”. Refunds available.

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Mexicana Airlines has suspended their flights and apparently all commercial operations “indefinitely” due to financial problems with the Mexican Airline.

Their statement reads as follows:

——–  From Mexicana ———–

Mexicana Airlines (Grupo Mexicana) suspends its operations indefinitely.

The current administration received the company seven days ago under Business Reorganization (Concurso Mercantil) and technically bankrupt.

Financial deterioration and lack of agreements force Grupo Mexicana to stop flying. Grupo Mexicana deeply regrets all inconveniences caused to its passengers.

————- End ————–

The Website home page appears to be down as of Sunday Morning, but CLICK HERE for the Mexicana Bankruptcy advisory portion to help you arrange for refunds or alternative flights.

Baltimore’s BWI Marshall Airport

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Twilight Photo of BWI Marshall Airport

Originally uploaded by BWI Marshall Airport

Baltimore’s BWI Marshall Airport is a gateway to Baltimore as well as many other East Coast destinations such as Washington D.C. which is only about an hour away by road or rail.   Named after American Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall.

When in Baltimore be sure to visit the beautiful “Inner Harbor” area, where you’ll find the historic USS Constellation docked and water taxis offer service to historic areas like Fells Point for a taste of Baltimore in the 1800s.

Below are links into the BWI Website for more information about Baltimore Washington International Airport BWI.

FAQs for BWI – Frequently Asked Questions about BWI

Gound Transportation:  Shuttles, Rails, Cars, Taxis, and parking information for BWI.

Terminal Maps – a printable PDF map that will help you get oriented to the gates and concessions in BWI.

Contact BWI:  This link will take you to contacts for the Airport Administration.   NOTE – generally questions about flights are best directed to your Airline and not to Airports.

Oslo Airport at Gardermoen, Norway

Sunday, July 18th, 2010
Oslo Airport at Gardermoen, Norway

Oslo Airport at Gardermoen, Norway

The Oslo Airport is one of the key gateways to Scandinavia, offering regular flights around the world.   Oslo Gardermoen is located about 30 kilometers from the Oslo city center but there are very regular trains running about every 15 minutes.   Note that the “FlyToGet” service is fastest but also more expensive than regional or local trains which are free for Eurail Pass holders and cost less than the FlyToGet trains.   However these are less frequent than FlyToGet.

Conveniently the train station is at the Airport so the trains to “Oslo Central”, usually written as “Oslo S”  are the only extra transportation you’ll need to get into the city.     Oslo Central is a large and modern station with trains that head off in all directions – West to Bergen and Fjordlands, North to the Arctic Circle, South to Sweden and Europe, and East to Stockholm Sweden.

British Airways Losses huge, but not as bad as expected

Friday, May 21st, 2010

The BBC is reporting staggering financial losses at British Airways, which has lost  $766,000,000 in the twelve months ending in March.    However this is less than expected and BA suggests that with continued cost cutting and an improvement in flyer numbers their may be cause for optimism.    The BBC reports on BA

*  “something of an uptick in demand” from business travel in recent months

* A loss below £600m should be regarded as good news by investors.

In fact BA shares rose slightly in early trading, and they have a substantial cash reserve of £1.7bn in the bank.

FAA Flight Delay Map

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

The FAA Website provides a nice quick map check of general flight delays around the USA.   The FAA USA flight delay  map is here. For detailed information it is generally best to consult your airline rather than this map or even Airport information which seems to sometimes lag the Airline website reports by many minutes or even hours.     Also, this map is only about general delays that affect the airports – there will also be specific airline/flight related delays that do not show up here.

Contacting your airline for delay information is especially important if you are travelling on international flights to or from the USA when the delays can be longer and of more  inconvenience to you.

Airline Phone Numbers and Airline Websites

A neat trick to find quick flight information is to use Google’s search box shortcut.       Typing in  Airline NameFlight Number  at Google will give you  flight schedule / arrival / delay information.

For an example click here:    United Airline 22

You can even abbreviate the airline to it’s two letter code as in    “UA 22”    for United Airlines flight 22.

Airline Ticket Prices May Rise Even More

Monday, August 4th, 2008

Over the past year the average price on several airline routes has gone up over 200% as Airlines struggle with higher fuel prices, reduced travel, and other challenges. My talk with a Sky West staffer suggested that fuel prices are the overwhelming challenge, so with Oil now down some 20% off highs hopefully we’ll see some ticket price relief. Unfortunately thought there can be a spiral effect as people stop flying and drive instead, challenging the airlines to keep routes that don’t have enough passengers to be profitable.

A solution I hope the airlines will consider would be flight consolidation. I recently travelled from Medford Oregon to Dulles IAD on the same day and similar times to my parents who travelled the same route, yet we were on different airlines and always on different planes. It would seem the computers might reschedule people in ways that flights could be cancelled – though I suppose the number of complications this would cause might overwhelm a system that is already balanced somewhat precariously given all the flight delays and such.

My pal was complaining that the Airlines seem to be failing more and more to make connections and create harmonious travel experiences, and I think he’s right, but I also think the cost for improvements is not supportable by the system. It’s another example where our great American system brought something that was a total luxury item (air travel) to the mainstream during our economic gravy days of the 50’s-90’s, and now we’ll be unable to backtrack and make it a luxury item again. The huge fleets, high fuel cost, and expectations of both Airlines and travellers will take some time to readjust and in the meantime…. bankruptcies and trouble are on the horizon.