Airport to avoid? Nah

Smarter Travel’s got comments on USA Today’s “blacklist” of airports that statistically suffer from more delays, crowding, and other things you’d want to avoid. Also, the white list that seems to be smaller airports that would be hard to factor into your trip.

I’m not convinced this approach makes much sense. Factors outside of the airports control are the main things affecting flight delays and I’d rather shave off a few hours of flying than have a slightly “nicer” airport experience. Also, the larger airports offer more restaurants, lounges, and sky clubs which are often the best way to make a long flight delay the least stressful.

Obviously large hub airports are going to have more troubles, but they also are going to offer you the more desirable routing. Sure, all other things equal you may want to choose the whitelisted airports at Oakland, Houston (Hobby), San Jose, Dallas (Love Field), and St. Louis, but good luck finding good, inexpensive routes through those airports if you are not headed in or out of those particular destinations.

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