Airport Security – cost effective?

A new “invisible fencing” system will help protect JFK and other New York Airports from Terror Attacks. USA Today has a report on Airport Security.

Here’s the Transportation Security Administration website which today is featuring more about the JFK Terror plot.

My view on the subject is different from most in that I’d argue we spend far too much on expensive measures trying to counter terrorism while failing to utilize many basic, cheaper approaches. Whenever the Government spends huge sums – in the case of TSA it will be *hundreds of billions* of dollars in the coming years, you must rationally look at alternatives to that spending to see what you could accomplish elsewhere. As with expensive military programs security is often a bad investment because even if it counters problems it does not add to existing infrastructure or enhance lives directly. Rather this money *protects* lives and infrastructure. Protection is important, but should be balanced against alternatives that would add to the life, liberty, and health equation. How many *extra* lives do you save with an extra $100,000,000,000 for TSA? The answer is unclear due to the potentially catastrophic nature of terror attacks, but it seems to me that we’ll break the bank with current approaches, so we should be finding ways to leverage cheap, automated surveillance, people databases, and other cost effective methods rather than hiring huge numbers of TSA screeners.

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