Buying Airline Tickets – The Good, bad and ugly.

This is a freewheeling view of airline ticket places we’ve come across along with my recommendations and/or links to forums and other discussions about the vendor.   In my experience you are generally going to find the best pricing starting with the big multiple listing players like and and then trying to “beat” those rates searching directly with airlines, Travelocity, Expedia, and as many as you have the time to check.    For regional markets like mine here in Medford, Oregon you may find carriers like Allegiant which are not well linked at consolidators but offer spectacular rates to very limited destinations.    A little online homework goes a long way when finding the cheapest flights.

The ratings here are simple and based only on my personal action plus my personal research.   OK  means fine to use – this is an established airline ticket vendor who generally follows reasonable business practices.       AVOID means that there are negative reviews online or negative comments that lead me to believe this vendor is not following quality business practices. GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD.    I trust but don’t use Priceline because in my experience I hassle with back and forth bids (on Hotels) and then wind up with the same or higher prices I could have found using Kayak or my favorite hotel discounter, Hotwire. AVOID    Discussion at Lonely Planet Travel Forum. They seem to use a common misleading practice of quoting very low rates and then “upselling” on the phone.    It also appeared clear that they had posted their own complimentary reviews pretending to be real customers.  This is misleading enough it suggests “AVOID”! NOT YET RATED

Important Disclaimer:   Many QuickAid advertisements come from Google and contrary to what you might expect, Google does not rigorously screen  their advertisers for good business practices.   Therefore (and sadly), QuickAid cannot vouch that all the ads running here are for high quality firms.   I’m working on better ad screening to fix that, but until Google adopts a higher standard you may actually see companies advertising here that we recommend you avoid.

If you are a  company we recommend against here at QuickAid, please send a note and we’ll be sure to post “your side” of the discussion in a special post.   Free speech is important!

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