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Nice Printable Travel Guides from PBS Travel: Burt Wolf’s “Travel and Traditions”

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Although some appear a bit dated, PBS’ travel host Burt Wolf has some great printable guides for the many cities he has featured on his PBS’ Travel show “Travels and Traditions with Burt Wolf” As an example see this Boston Guide in PDF form: Boston by Burt

Some will obviously prefer large guidebooks that have a lot more information, and my personal approach is to plan my trips with a file featuring all the things I want to try to see, cut and pasted in from pre-trip surfing.   However Burt’s guides offer a very nicely organized, compact alternative to heavy travel guides, especially if only be staying in a city for a short time.

PBS’s Travel hosts are many and varied and in my opinion some are better suited to different travel styles.   Young adventurous budget travelers may relate best to “Globe Trekker”, though I also find it the most entertaining of the shows.   Legendary European expert and guide Rick Steves is by far the best known on the PBS Travel team, and I highly recommend his website for  great “insider” travel tips you may not find elsewhere.

MSP Minneapolis St Paul Airport Quiet Seating Area (upstairs above the main terminal)

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

MSP Airport Quiet Area, Minneapolis
by QuickAid

Travel is becoming more and more hectic as security concerns and increasingly crowded planes put a cramp in anybody’s style. But you can almost always escape the frenzy – at least for a short time – by finding “out of the way” places to sit and relax in most airports. Here, at MSP in Minneapolis, travelers are enjoying very comfortable seats in a very quiet area of low foot traffic just above the bustle of the main terminal.

Finding such gems in big airports can be a chore, so it’s often best to ask at the information desk (or consult the Airport guide or map) to look for likely places to escape the crowds. Alternatively find a nice lounge or restaurant and a corner table where you can take a deep breath and focus on a book or computer screen. I find that surfing the internet makes the hours between flights go much faster, and being “captive” in an airport often inspires some productivity in terms of checking emails or blogging.