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Frequent Flyer Miles Madness

IMPORTANT:   This post is  simply a collection of notes from a recent flurry of activity using miles programs.   It may NOT represent the general experience for frequent flyer programs at United, American, or Delta.  If you’ve had different …

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3-1-1 Rule from TSA

TSA’s “3-1-3″ rule about your toiletries/liquids/gels has not changed very much in the last five years, but for me the details of what you can and can’t bring and how you need to declare things are always a bit of …

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Is Selling your Frequent Flyer miles to a “Mileage Broker” legal?

The mileage broker market was once a thriving industry, buying frequent flyer tickets from people and then reselling them at a profit. Understandably the airlines don’t like this practice of monetizing their frequent flyer / mileage plus type systems. These …

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