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Relax, you are in an Airport!

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Saigon 022 – transfer in Hong Kong?

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Air Travel, especially in the new era of intense security measures, can be very tiring. However most of us fail to take advantage of the many amenities in almost all airports large and small – amenities that can make your trip a lot more comfortable and stress-free. For me WIFI has been a godsend, especially when it is free. I carry a small laptop whereever I go so there’s really no more “down time” in the airport – I can catch up on email, blog, or surf the internet. This is especially relaxing if you can find a quiet lounge or restaurant.

For the more active who miss their daily does of exercise, try walking the terminals to get a feel for the airport. In many countries and in some US Airports, the facilities are designed to give travelers insight into the local, regional, or national culture, architecture, and attractions. Take advantage of this even in a “pass through” airport. You may be returning for a vacation to the country or region and simply “taking in” the sights and sounds, shops and restaurants can be a great introduction for your future travels. Airports are a showcase of different languages, food, cultures, and more.