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Honolulu Airport HNL, Honolulu Hawaii

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

Honolulu Airport HNL, Honolulu Hawaii

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In Hawaii even the Airports have a cozy tropical feel. The largest is HNL Honolulu International Airport.   HNL’s official Website is here

This picture is at the ‘front’ where dropoffs and pickups take place, shuttling people into the city via Taxi or car. There’s also a good bus system to take you into Honolulu.

HNL is on the island of Oahu which is the most populated Island but not as large as “The Big Island”, Hawaii.

Kona is another international Airport with a remarkably tropical feel. Kona is on the big Island of Hawaii and serves international as well as Island hopping flyers. Maui’s main airport is Kahului Airport:

Airline frequent flyer, airline miles programs, and airline special offer discussions

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Here, from the excellent FlyerTalk Forums, is a list of links and discussions about mileage programs and special offers from many airlines:

Ho Chi Minh / Saigon Airport, Vietnam SGN. aka Tan Son Nhat International Airport

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

We’ll be reporting live from Ho Chi Minh City in February during the trip to Vietnam, when we’ll be arriving here at Vietnam’s largest Airport, the Ho Chi Minh International Airport which is technically named the ” Tan Son Nhat International Airport”.

Note that “Ho Chi Minh City” and “Saigon” are used somewhat interchangeably to describe Vietnam’s largest city and the nation’s economic center, second only in political influence to Hanoi, the capital city in the north of Vietnam.

wHo Chi Minh Airport, Saigon Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh Airport, Saigon VietnamHere

Here are links to the official Ho Chi Minh Airport pages with information about the airport, terminal maps, flight status, and more:

Medical Tourism and Medical Travel

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

Our new project is a blog and database featuring  Medical Travel and Medical Tourism.    This is very relevant to our work here at the QuickAid Airport Directory because an enjoyable medical travel experience is going to need a nice transition from your home country to your medical tourism destination.

Thailand has become one of the world’s most popular medical tourism destinations as Thailand offers first class medical care in several hospitals located in Bangkok and at other tourism hotspots around the country.

Obviously medical travel is not a good option under some circumstances, but for those who are self-insured or have high deductible health insurance and need expensive routine procedures or even complex operations that can be scheduled ahead of time this may be a way for you to save enough money to pay for a deluxe vacation and still have money left over.