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China Travel Tips from China Airlines

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010
If you are planning to visit China here is a great “quick read” resource from Air China (this is one of the three carriers of the People’s Republic of China).   These are short helpful articles about several China Travel Topics, city guides, and more:

Source:   Air China

Airline Food

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010


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For most travelers airline food went from “OK” to pretty much nothing over the past decade. However you should not complain about this, because Airlines are reeling from high energy costs, lower travel and the general global economic slowdown. Food is a good cost cutting area as it’s very expensive to serve a nice meal to everybody in-flight, and eating at the airport is no big deal, especially given the wider selection and relatively lower cost than what they need to add to a ticket price to feed you in the air.

So, stop complaining, buy a drink, and ask for a second on the peanuts. You just saved about 2-4% on the cost of your ticket.

Exceptions exist in first class and international flights such as this one on my Air France to CDG Paris where they sure know how to serve up a fine meal, complete with wine.

Changi Airport, Singapore

Thursday, September 9th, 2010
Changi Airport in Singapore is a major hub for travel throughout the world, but especially to several other major Asian airports.    When you visit Changi don’t miss the huge slide, a “fun icon” for this international airport masterpiece.

Below are details about Changi Airport information with links to their official airport website.

Passenger Guide

Flights and Airlines at Changi Airport:

Dallas Fort Worth Airport: DFW

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Dallas Fort Worth Airport:  Click for the official website:  DFW Airport

Covering almost 30 miles square, Dallas Fort Worth –  DFW – is a key hub in the southern USA ans serves national and international air travelers.   Dallas Fort Worth DFW’s  seven runways make DFW the second largest airport in the US by some measures, with  service to more than 160 domestic and international destinations for millions of yearly enplanements.

Travel and Tourism information is available at, the official visitor website for Dallas, Texas.    For statewide tourism information see

When you first arrive in Dallas, you will most likely need transportation from the Dallas Fort Worth Airport to your destination.  Follow the signs to ground transportation to locate some of the many options for airport transportation such as  Limos, Public Transportation, Taxis, Charter Buses, Rental Cars.

Flight Information | Maps & Directions |  Parking | DFW Guide, Terminal Maps

Visit DFW’s airport website for more information. Dallas Fort Worth Airport

Yellowstone Airport, Wyoming WYS

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Airport Homepage link

Yellowstone Airport in Montana is located near the National Park and serves as a regional airport with several connecting flights for national and international service.

About the AirportSmokejumper BaseAirport ServicesBYellowstone Airport Business Information |  Airport News |   Location and Airport Maps

Airport website

Yellowstone Airport Manager
(406) 646 -7631

Montana Dept. of Transportation Aeronautics Division
(406) 444-2506

Montana Aviation