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Ash Cloud Updates from the Telegraph UK

Friday, May 21st, 2010

The Telegraph (UK) has an excellent regularly updated feature here with the latest delays from the Iceland Volcanic ash cloud that has disrupted travel to and from Europe – especially the UK – on and off for over a month.

As of May 21 almost all restrictions appear to be lifted and flights are proceeding mostly as planned, though the unpredictability of the eruptions means that travel to and from Europe this summer could have some problems.

The silver lining, reports CNN, is that some European destinations such as Ireland are creating special promotions in the hopes of recapturing some of the lost business.  Furthermore the decline of the Euro vs US Dollar due to the Greece financial crisismakes this summer a particularly inexpensive time to visit Europe for Americans using their stronger  currency.

British Airways Losses huge, but not as bad as expected

Friday, May 21st, 2010

The BBC is reporting staggering financial losses at British Airways, which has lost  $766,000,000 in the twelve months ending in March.    However this is less than expected and BA suggests that with continued cost cutting and an improvement in flyer numbers their may be cause for optimism.    The BBC reports on BA

*  “something of an uptick in demand” from business travel in recent months

* A loss below £600m should be regarded as good news by investors.

In fact BA shares rose slightly in early trading, and they have a substantial cash reserve of £1.7bn in the bank.

Ash Cloud Delays for UK Flyers

Monday, May 17th, 2010

The BBC has  Updated information on the delays expected for flyers from the most recent activity of the pesky Iceland volcano that is again causing problems for flyers – mostly to and from the UK.

Here’s a nice summary of why Ash and Aircraft don’t mix.

However,  Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines has suggested that the risks have been exaggerated and that planes should be flying.