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Chicago O’Hare Airport and WWII Navy Pilot Butch O’Hare

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Chicago O’Hare’s name is a *very* interesting story.

Formerly “Orchard Field”, Chicago’s International Airport – once the busiest in the world – was renamed after navy pilot Butch O’Hare.     O’Hare led one of the most daring air battles in World War Two as he and others fought to preserve the US Aircraft Carrier Lexington from an attack.

A month after this battle, Butch O’Hare led another daring attack against torpedo bombers.   During this operation O’Hare’s plane disappeared and Butch O’Hare was never found.

In honor of his valor in the defense of America during World War Two,  Butch O’Hare’s name will never be forgotten, though only a small percentage of the millions who travel through this US Airport portal every year know the real story behind the name.

Now… you do.

BCIA Airport, Beijing China. (This is the parking!)

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

BCIA Airport, Beijing. Parking Structure. 637
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The Beijing, China Airport parking structure pictured to the side contributes to what is probably the world’s most provocative Airport Design.

Rising from the flatlands outside of Beijing like a massive bug, the beautifully designed BCIA is one of the world’s most modern Airport facilities, one of many massive buildings China designed and built before the Beijing Olympics as symbols of the new China – the world’s upcoming economic powerhouse.

Loaded with restaurants, duty free shops, and some wonderful decor this appealing Airport is an attraction in and of itself, though note that it can take up to an hour or more from the city as the Airport is NOT near the City Center, so make sure you allocate time and expect a cab fare of $20+ USD