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Airport Codes and Mileage Calculator

Here at AirportCityCodes we have two helpful data sources – our Airport Codes Database with information about airports all over the world, and our mileage calculator that allows you to get the distance between most airports: Mileage Calculator Airport Codes …

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Weather Delays in Chicago and

Yesterday, Officials at Chicagoland airports told travellers to expect some cancellations and delays on travel because of bad weather. Meanwhile Waashington DC also had many problems as bad weather raged along the east coast of the USA, causing travel problems …

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China Trips – open jaw is often fine

Although the airline ticket market is so fast, furious, and whacky you’ll want to check many sources before booking, a few tips I’ve learned from my China ticket booking: * Although I was told by a ticketer that generally Hong …

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Flights to China

Update: Well, we’ve been finding better fares by leaving a day earlier. March 31 departure seemed to knock back fares by about $175 from Medford to Hong Kong. Also, the open jaw trip via Beijing was no more expensive for …

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Irish Air Traffic Controller strike looms

The Belfast Telegraph Newspaper is reporting that Air Traffic Controllers may strike throughout Ireland within days if demands are not met during their negotiations.

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Nude German Airline?

A German travel agency has set up flights to a Baltic resort where customers strip down after takeoff and ride in the buff. is the travel agency. Most reports are exaggerating the story, suggesting this is a “nude airline” …

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Delta and Northwest may merge – announcement expected soon

Delta Airlines and Northwest Airlines may announce a merger within a few days, reports the Atlanta Constitution Newspaper As Airlines struggle with rules, lower travel traffic, and a severe profitability squeeze this would seem a logical step at this time …

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India to add 500 Airports in next 10-12 years

India plans to add five hundred Airports across the country over the next ten to twelve years according to a recent report. Economic Times reports. This amazing number of new builds suggests the optimism India has, justifiably, for the burgeoning …

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New Zealand Hijack attempt thwarted

A woman attacked the pilots on a New Zealand flight but has been detained and only minor injuries were reported. Here is more from NZ

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China Airfare and Dailan Info is a Chinese booking site that appears to offer a good “checking point”. I understand it does not always offer the best rates but is a good starting point for checking fares and hotel rates. I learned of …

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