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New Laptop battery rules for flights – do not put them in checked luggage!

Yes, it’s true – there are even more new complicated rules from the TSA. It’s not even clear this relates to any terror issues but they are restricting lithium batteries in carry on luggage:New Laptop Battery Rules from TSAIf you’ll …

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WiFi in Airports

This is information gleaned from an old article in USA Today. For more updated information try this Wi Fi in Airports website: In 2005, and I think still, only a small number of companies control most airport Wi-Fi. Here …

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High Flying WiFi – the downside?

This report suggests that on board flight internet might create a host of new problems, leading to “turbulence” of the human kind. I’m skeptical. On the contrary this will be so effective at keeping kids occupied, keeping nervous people focused …

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Flight Status from Google

Google has improved their flight status information. Simply type in the airline and flight number at the Google search bar and you’ll get updated information about flight status. Note this will generally be from the airlines which may or may …

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Flight Passes

Flight passes offer you the ability to travel extensively within a region, and are genrally going to be a cheaper way to go if you are travelling to many cities. However be sure you understand all the charges, as some …

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Cathay Pacific’s Hong Kong hub

One of the best deals in international travel is the “All Asia Pass” from Cathay Pacific. The All Asia Pass allows you to take flights to any of about 20 major asian cities over a period of 21, 30, or …

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Jet Blue in-flight email report

Caroline says she was not that impressed with Jet Blue’s new in flight e-mail service, but it sure sounds good to me based on her CNET report where she noted that using Yahoo mobile even allowed some web info like …

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Free printable city guides

Arrrival Guides offers great, free, printable (PDF) guides to major world cities. The guides show attractions and some mapping for a good number of major cities around the world in the USA, Europe, Asia, and more. Check them out.

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Jetblue offering in-flight email

Over at Webguild blog, Reshma is reporting that Jet Blue will offer in flight email services via WIFI. This is great news, coming on the heels of AA’s in flight WIFI experiments. I think airlines will find that in flight …

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AA to provide on board WIFI

A gigantic hat tip to American Airlines for the decision to provide WIFI to passengers in flight. Crunch Gear reports today that this plan is in the works and it appears WIFI on AA flights will be available soon.

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